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Annual Meeting will be Held Virtually on May 1st!

GSEP will be hosting its second virtual Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 1, from 10 a.m. – 12 noon. 

The event will be livestreamed via Facebook for all interested members. (Please note that only Delegate Council members will receive a registration link, for voting purposes.)  The website will be updated with the link to the livestream.

During the meeting, our Board Chair, Debbie Hassan, will present the Governance Award and the Governance Report. Kim E. Fraites-Dow, our CEO, will share her Management Report on the Council. And, Rick Perkins, the Treasurer of our Board, will give the Treasurer’s Report for Fiscal Year 2020.  

Our business will also include the election of Board Officers, Board Members-at-Large, Board Development Committee Members, Girl Advisors, and Girl Delegates.  Plus, we will be recognizing our Top Cookie Sellers and our Scholarship Recipients.

To review the entire slate of candidates, please click here. You can also read the bios of the candidates for the Board and Board Development Committee here

Looking forward to seeing you all on May 1st! 

Questions?  Email 


Know someone who would make an excellent Board member? Interested in serving on the Board Development Committee? 

Please download this form, complete it, and submit it to 

Service Unit Delegate Election Info
Now is the time to elect your new (or returning!) Service Unit Delegates!

Now is the time to hold elections for the current Governance Year (which started at the end of the May 1st Annual Meeting)! If you haven’t sent in your results yet, please hold a Service Unit Delegate Election at your next SU meeting!  To help with the Election, please see this suggested script

Check this list to see if your SU should elect 1 or 2 Delegates. Please know that girls, 14 years and older, can also serve as SU Delegates (as long as they are not also current Girl Delegates or Girl Advisors to the Board).  

Election results reported via this form must be emailed to by August 31st!

Thank you!

Overview of Board of Directors Meetings
Past Governance Bulletins

Governance Calendar

Date Action Item
April 1, 2021

Official Notice for the 2021 Annual Meeting is mailed to Delegate Council Members.
May 1, 2021

2021 Annual Meeting
April 2 - August 31, 2021 Election of Service Unit Delegates and Alternates. 
Please see the tab above labelled Service Unit Delegate Election info for more details.

Governance Documents


Governance Questions

Please contact Carla Hickey, Director of Governance & Advocacy at with questions.