Girl Scout Parents

Why Girl Scouts

You want a brighter, happier tomorrow for your girl — and that's exactly what we want too.

Finding their people

Forever friendship is a powerful thing. It’s what gives Girl Scouts the confidence to be themselves, unapologetically. It’s what makes them feel safe enough to try new things and cheer each other on. It’s the support that can help get them up on tough mornings, raise their hand in class, and even climb to the top of a mountain.

Discovering their joy

Every Girl Scout has their own curiosity, dreams, and talents—so when they decide which of the thousands of Girl Scout activities to try, the sky’s the limit. Whether visiting an animal shelter, camping, hosting a dance-off, or directing a music video, they’re learning to take risks, trust their gut, and team up with others for good. But mostly? They’re figuring out the things that will bring happiness to their lives for years to come. 

Knowing their power

From planting trees to stocking the local food pantry, Girl Scouts learn firsthand that they have the power to help. In these complicated times, knowing they can make a difference (and feeling the joy that comes from doing it!) may be more important than ever.

Building community

Groups of Girl Scouts from the same community, called troops, typically meet weekly or biweekly for an hour or two. Hand in hand with adult volunteers, girls complete exciting activities and projects, explore their neighborhoods, and make new friends. Together, they earn badges to reflect the skills they’ve learned, the growing they’ve done, and the adventures they’ve had. 

Living their best life

While we know being a Girl Scout helps girls earn better grades and make healthier decisions in the long run, everything a Girl Scout does is designed to make sure they feel seen, supported, and cared for—right here, right now. In a time when anxiety and depression are affecting young people in record numbers, we can’t think of anything more important.

Getting involved

GSEP is excited to welcome you! Membership dues are just $25 annually, but financial aid may be available. Whether you want to start a new troop in your neighborhood, join an existing troop, or have questions, send us a note at, call us at (215) 564-2030, or find us at We’re here for you!