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Volunteer Resources

Certificate of Insurance Requests and Approved Trip Venue Listing

If you need GSEP's Certificate of Insurance (COI) for a troop meeting, if your troop is meeting somewhere other than your normal meeting space, or if an outside facility is specifically requesting our COI, please complete this form. A member of our Business Services team will be in touch with you soon! Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Processing may take 7-10 business days.

If your troop is participating in any activity that is considered high-risk (see Safety Activity Checkpoints), is staying overnight at a non-GSEP facility, or at a facility that has a swimming pool, GSEP is required to have a copy of that facility's Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI). In order to obtain an outside facility's COI, please contact the facility directly and ask for their COI to be emailed to

A list of our approved trip venues (COIs), can be found here.

Grade Level Information
History Committee

The History Committee is proud to be able to offer resource kits to troops and Service Units for use during programs and special events. For more information on the types of kits available for borrowing and the borrowing procedures click here.

How to Get Your Girls Outside

Elliott Wildlife Values Project Outdoor Resources

Venture Out! 
Learn practical tips and tricks, read other volunteer stories, and explore the joys of taking girls outside with Venture Out!, a fun, interactive, outdoor adventure. 

Outdoor Resources
Click the link above to be taken to a catalog of videos full of great tips and tricks to get your girls excited about exploring the outdoors. We encourage you to watch them, however, they do not constitute training. In order to take your troop on an overnight, you must have an adult with an Indoor Overnight Skills certification. If that overnight is at a GSEP camp, or other fustic facility, or involves cooking outdoors, that person must also have the Basic Outdoor Skills certifications. 

Inclusion Information for Troop Leaders

Learn how you can welcome girls with differing abilities into your troop.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania welcomes girls and adults whose learning or physical disabilities and differing abilities may limit their activities but not their hopes and achievements. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is flexible enough to bring out the best in girls and adults of any ability. 

Journey Toolkit

The Journey Toolkit is a resource developed by Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania to help adult volunteers integrate Journeys with confidence and success! Journeys are the framework for participating in Girl Scouts and include fun, challenging, and purposeful experiences. These experiences lead to outcomes that are tied to one or more of the three leadership keys: Discover, Connect, and Take Action. Download this Journey Map to help you with planning and customizing your own Journey!

Leaders Guide to Success

This interactive PDF is a great tool for new troop leaders, and seasoned leaders alike! Please take a look for a step-by-step introduction to get your Girl Scout troop up and running smoothly. We hope you enjoy the tools included.  And as always, if you have any questions, we’re here to help! Just email Thank you for giving your time to help us build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place!

Leaders Guide to Success

New Leader Mentor Guide

The New Leader Mentor is a crucial role within the service unit team structure. The Mentor welcomes, educates, guides, and remains a point of support for new leaders. With this specialized direct support, troop leaders are much more likely to have a positive experience and continue their troop. In order to maintain and grow our Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character, it is important to retain our great adult volunteers.

In the link below you will find checklists and resources that will help you to support our new leaders!

New Leader Mentor Guide

Ready to Run Programs

Looking for something different to do with your girls? Out of ideas for troop meeting activities? Try GSEP’s Ready to Run Programs! Designed to be used by volunteers with girls, these programs include facilitator guides, suggested timelines, and a list of necessary materials. Some of the programs even have supplemental handouts for girls!

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about Ready to Run programs, please email us.

At-Home Cookie Rally 2022 (K-5)

Cookie season is here! Play games and create crafts designed to help you build the skills of a #cookieboss. Through this ready-to-run program you’ll learn tips about talking to customers, practice money management, and learn what it takes to reach your cookie goals!

Resilient. Ready. Strong. Mental Wellness Patch Program (K-12)

Understanding how to boost your own mental wellness, reach out for help when needed, and support others is a key life skill. ​Girl Scouts already supports mental wellness by offering girls a safe space with supportive adults, an opportunity to develop friendships and belonging, a place to take positive risks and build confidence, and a focus on giving back to your community and making a difference in the world. When you look at any list of activities that researchers have proven make people happier and more resilient, you’ll see a list of what girls do in Girl Scouts: building social-emotional skills; practicing gratitude and giving; finding community; experiencing nature; exploring meaning; and changing the world.

Secret Agent Starter Pack- (K-3)

Girl Scouts of the USA has teamed up with AT&T to make STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) even more fun. The activities in this booklet will sharpen your girl’s skills of observation, technical design, and simple coding—all while building her curiosity and confidence. But this is only a taste of what Girl Scouts has to offer your girl.

Girl Scouts Give Back- Citizen Science (K-12)

There are meaningful and exciting ways for Girl Scout troops to contribute to science, get outside, and help scientists solve some of the big problems facing our planet. Especially now, with more people are at home due to COVID-19, citizen scientists have a unique opportunity to help by collecting data and reporting their findings.

We hope that your girls, troops and councils will participate in two designated citizen science projects:

Girls of all ages can participate in the Great Sunflower Project .

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can choose between the Great Sunflower Project and the Globe at Night project.  ​​​​​​​

You do not need any science training to do these projects, and they comply with social distancing guidelines.

Girl Scout Activity Zone (K-12)

Did you know Girl Scouts can explore hundreds of badges, awards, service projects, and experiences that cover everything from building a robot to helping animals, from staying fit to starting a business?

Your options are virtually limitless.

Especially curated for kids and teens (whether you’re in a troop or new to Girl Scouts), the Girl Scout Activity Zone lets you sample a full assortment of Girl Scout tested and approved activities to get a real taste of what Girl Scouts do or to explore ideas for your troop's next adventure. With helpful videos hosted by Girl Scout volunteers, these self-guided activities are ready for you to try right now. No membership required.

Girl Scout Activity Zone | Girl Scouts

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Keeping girls safe is a priority in Girl Scouting. When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with following Safety Activity Checkpoints. Once you open the document, you can click on any activity in the Table of Contents to jump to the Checkpoints for that activity. 

Look at the change memo for Membership Year 2022 if you want to see what has changed since last year. 

Want to learn more about High Risk Activities? Check out the Girl Scout safety guidelines.

For a list of vendors with Certificate of Insurance, visit the forms page and search "certificate of insurance on file" in the search bar.

ServSafe® Registration Procedures

Any troop, Service Unit, or group using the industrial kitchens at any of our Resident Camps must have a ServSafe® certified person on the premises. This is a requirement of our American Camp Association accreditation. If food is being stored in these kitchens or served in the dining hall, the kitchen is considered to be in use, even if no cooking is involved.

ServSafe® Classes are offered regularly by the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association (PRA) throughout the GSEP jurisdiction. Click here to open the ServSafe website.  Please contact the PRA office at 800-345-5353 if you have any questions or concerns about the ServSafe® training itself.

Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Essentials is your go-to resource for all things related to volunteering with GSEP! Use the series of webpages to find policy and procedure updates, tips on how to best work with girls and other volunteers, and much more! Looking for extra info? Check out the documents below. 

Recruitment Materials

Take a look at Recruitment Tips & Tools for some ways you can support GSEP recruitment efforts with the push of a few buttons. 

Looking for Girl Scout recruitment materials? Check out the items below! Click on each item to view it larger. To see our full catalogue CLICK HERE !

General Flyers & Materials
Social Media Toolkit
Let's spread the word on social media! Download these graphics and use the approved copy.

*IMPORTANT: Please only use the graphics with the approved messaging provided. Do NOT change the text. Only add the date and time of your event to the copy.

Evergreen Social Media Toolkit
Approved Messaging: Evergreen Social Media Toolkit Copy
Looker Administrative Volunteers

Your time to shine? Now! Volunteer Today and Save.
Your time to shine? Now! Volunteer Today and Save.