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Welcome to the materials order form! If you need flyers or general Girl Scout information for sign-up events, back to school nights, or any other Service Unit events this is your one stop shop for flyers and printed materials. For questions or a more in depth description on how to order talk to your Community Engagement Specialist or email 

To order, fill out the form in detail below! Thanks! 

Order Catalog

Welcome to the GSEP Order Form! Use this to order materials or submit a request for grassroots marketing support. To check out what materials we have available for order, view our order catalog

Grassroots Advertising

Looking to place an ad in your local newspaper or church bulletin? Want a Girl Scouts banner for an upcoming parade or local event? We can help! Choose "grassroots advertising" on the form below and let us know how we can help you advertise! 

Note: Depending on the request, fulfillment can take up to 4-5 weeks.

Timeline: Customized Materials 

If you'd like an event included on the flyer or other custom information, please include the following information: 

  • Date, time, and location of your event
  • Contact information for your SU (optional)
  • Troop information (optional)

Allow 10-12 business days to process any printed and/or custom materials.  If you do not include custom text information with your custom request, your order will not be processed. Thanks! 

 I am a Staff Member Requesting Materials
 I am a Volunteer Requesting Materials
 2021 Animal Dance Party Invitation Tear Off Flyer
 2021 Animal Dance Party Invitation Fillable Flyer
 2021 Robot Building Party Invitation Tear Off Flyer
 2021 Robot Building Party Invitation Fillable Flyer
 General Girl Tear Off Flyer
 Custom 1 Sided Spanish Flyer
 Custom 1 Sided English Flyer
please put n/a if you are not ordering a custom flyer



 2021 Animal Dance Party Leave Behind Postcard
 2021 Robot Building Party Leave Behind Postcard
 021 Animal Dance Party Stickers (For Avery Label #94509)
 2021 Robot Building Party Stickers (For Avery Label #94509)
 2021 Why Girl Scouts One Pager English
 2021 Why Girl Scouts One Pager Spanish
 2021 Spring Renewal Flyer 1
 2021 Spring Renewal Flyer 2
 2021 Spring Renewal Flyer 3
 Becoming Me one-pager
 Becoming Me postcard
 REC20_06 Activity Sheet
 REC20_08 Troop Invite Card
 REC19_13 Flyer Start Your Own Troop
 REC19_35 African American Girl Scouts Stats
 MEM14_27 Promise & Law Bookmarks (Bilingual)
 VSS20_Daisy_Launch_Full-Page Flyer_WhatDaisiesDo
 MEM_20 Paint the Town Green Business card
 MEM_20 Paint the Town Green Postcard
Please specify quanitity for each item you are ordering. (Ex. REC19_01 50)