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You're a G. I. R. L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ powerhouse! We're so excited you are ready to join us for another year of Girl Scouting! 

We believe there's no such thing as too much. That there's no excuse for making excuses. Our strength doesn't come from how much we can lift but from how often we can lift ourselves back up. And this is the perfect place to do just that—a place where "Can I?" quickly turns into "I will!" and there's no challenge we can't overcome together. Because we are everyday optimists. Adventure-seekers. Self-starters. Problem-solvers. Change-makers. We are girls, troop leaders, mentors, advocates, parents, and Girl Scouts. We are G.I.R.L.s. And we can't stop, won’t stop.

Not yet a member? Join now!


Thank you to our amazing Service Units and Troops that renewed during our Early Bird Renewal to receive some awesome incentives! 

SU501 SU602 SU625 SU714
Troop00571 Troop00405 Troop00267 Troop00844
Troop00581 Troop00407 Troop02028 Troop00877
Troop05065 Troop00483 Troop02826 Troop08119
Troop05080 Troop04029 Troop21203 Troop08417
Troop52411 Troop04043 Troop22175 Troop08573
Troop53233 Troop04201 SU627 Historic Trails* Troop08577
Troop53462 Troop04204 SU627 Troop08850
SU502 Troop04431 Troop00235 Troop81012
Troop05251 Troop04446 Troop02080 Troop84014
Troop05357 Troop41361 Troop02240 SU715
Troop53086 SU603 Troop02516 Troop00621
SU504 Troop00406 Troop02552 Troop06038
Troop05405 Troop04129 Troop02628 Troop06190
Troop05864 Troop04792 Troop02650 Troop06675
SU507 Troop04977 Troop02676 Troop63403
Troop05435 Troop41950 Troop02703 Troop63486
Troop51380 Troop42080 SU629 SU716
SU509 SU605 Troop00202 Troop06037
Troop00503 Troop00424 Troop02081 Troop06169
Troop00517 Troop00445 Troop02129 SU722
Troop05101 Troop00457 Troop02384 Troop00628
Troop05103 Troop04031 Troop02717 Troop00636
Troop05163 Troop04059 Troop02974 Troop00671
Troop05402 Troop04111 SU631 Troop06021
Troop05429 Troop04178 Troop00219 Troop06051
Troop05783 Troop04462 Troop00242 Troop06075
Troop05837 Troop04502 Troop00261 Troop06088
Troop51129 Troop41034 Troop00285 Troop06198
Troop51251 Troop41223 Troop02241 Troop06226
SU510 Troop41995 Troop02339 Troop06244
Troop00516 SU606 Troop02691 Troop06249
Troop00573 Troop00043 Troop21422 Troop06549
Troop05073 Troop04046 Troop21582 Troop06647
Troop05299 Troop04120 Troop22028 Troop06700
Troop05336 Troop04698 SU632 Troop06973
Troop05842 Troop04913 Troop20586 Troop61025
Troop50220 Troop41028 SU634 SU725
Troop53383 Troop41266 Troop00278 Troop00871
Troop53488 SU607 Troop00278 Troop08133
SU513 Troop00409 Troop02033 Troop08472
Troop00514 Troop00468 Troop02615 Troop08614
Troop00575 Troop00478 Troop02866 SU727
Troop05074 Troop04113 Troop21005 Troop01168
Troop05160 Troop04215 Troop21041 Troop01359
Troop05166 Troop04223 Troop21131 Troop01557
Troop05374 Troop04245 Troop21240 Troop01786
Troop05393 Troop04291 SU635 Oxford Valley* SU728 Palmerton*
Troop05398 Troop04515 SU635 SU728
Troop05438 Troop04961 Troop00281 Troop00301
Troop05625 Troop41365 Troop02065 Troop00303
Troop05641 Troop41368 Troop02085 Troop00348
Troop05927 Troop41783 Troop02103 Troop03112
Troop05929 SU608 Troop02155 Troop03215
Troop51097 Troop00537 Troop02531 Troop03259
Troop51108 Troop04006 Troop02535 Troop03305
Troop51258 Troop04034 Troop21045 Troop03506
Troop51509 Troop04062 Troop21047 Troop03590
Troop51519 Troop04648 Troop21105 Troop33400
Troop57123 Troop04669 Troop21264 Troop33413
SU515 Troop04734 Troop21503 Troop33416
Troop00721 Troop41008 Troop21603 SU733
Troop07125 Troop41444 Troop21744 Troop00643
Troop07171 Troop42085 SU637 Troop06343
Troop07286 Troop42090 Troop00434 SU734
Troop07308 SU609 Troop04139 Troop03241
Troop07588 Troop00471 Troop04243 Troop03248
Troop71159 Troop04468 Troop04316 Troop03862
Troop71199 Troop04559 Troop41050 SU736
Troop71503 Troop04727 Troop41086 Troop00650
Troop71869 Troop04737 Troop41471 Troop00682
SU516 SU610 Troop41849 Troop06006
Troop05030 Troop00433 SU638 Troop06030
Troop05343 Troop00452 Troop04397 SU741
Troop05408 Troop00492 Troop04474 Troop00601
SU519 Troop04141 Troop04500 Troop00685
Troop00091 Troop04235 Troop04932 Troop00689
Troop00093 Troop04241 Troop04996 Troop00690
Troop09069 Troop04348 Troop41480 Troop06020
Troop09263 Troop04589 Troop41914 Troop06149
Troop09310 Troop04710 Troop42118 Troop06211
Troop09495 Troop04780 SU640 Troop06217
Troop09609 Troop41221 Troop00701 Troop06294
Troop09689 Troop41536 Troop07157 Troop06678
Troop91021 Troop41554 Troop07753 Troop06928
Troop97251 SU611 Octorara Troop70330 Troop06937
SU520 SU611 SU641 Troop61128
Troop00059 Troop04079 Troop04909 Troop63064
Troop05839 Troop04230 SU642 SU744
Troop51518 Troop04673 Troop07145 Troop01192
SU521 Troop04746 Troop07210 Troop01221
Troop05047 Troop04864 Troop07213 Troop01443
Troop05062 Troop41623 Troop07369 Troop01628
Troop05850 Troop44123 Troop07450 Troop01694
Troop05913 SU612 Troop07950 Troop01759
Troop51113 Troop00021 Troop71220 Troop01796
SU527 Troop00207 SU644 Troop01854
Troop09934 Troop00208 Troop04894 Troop01994
Troop91644 Troop00222 SU645 SU745
Troop91655 Troop00247 Troop00741 Troop00104
Troop91695 Troop02187 Troop00799 Troop01452
SU529 Troop02234 Troop07040 Troop01569
Troop09674 Troop02309 Troop07079 Troop11098
Troop09943 Troop02423 Troop07105 Troop11127
Troop91693 Troop02571 Troop07221 SU747
Troop93413 Troop02763 Troop07341 Troop00126
Troop93942 Troop02786 Troop07365 Troop00179
Troop97234 Troop02810 Troop07955 Troop01016
SU534 Troop21374 Troop70331 Troop01773
Troop09208 Troop21671 Troop71091 Troop01793
SU535 Troop21902 Troop71734 SU748 Saucon Valley*
Troop00942 SU615 Troop71980 SU748
Troop00974 Troop02003 SU646 Troop08030
Troop09454 Troop02020 Troop00079 Troop08107
Troop09500 Troop02779 Troop00714 Troop08429
Troop09663 Troop02781 Troop00730 Troop08461
Troop09696 Troop02804 Troop00743 Troop08505
Troop91316 Troop02809 Troop07004 Troop08723
Troop91433 Troop21277 Troop07107 Troop08860
SU537 Troop21722 Troop07188 Troop08948
Troop07435 SU616 Troop07260 SU749
Troop71526 Troop00023 Troop07287 Troop00605
SU543 Troop02008 Troop07411 Troop00637
Troop09230 Troop02055 Troop71032 Troop00692
Troop97502 Troop02117 Troop71033 Troop06070
SU555 Troop02278 Troop71465 Troop06205
Troop09065 Troop02296 Troop71471 Troop06409
Troop09487 Troop02690 SU647 Upper Perkiomen* Troop06414
Troop09794 Troop02876 SU647 Troop06951
SU556 Troop20717 Troop00787 Troop61063
Troop09294 Troop21031 Troop07036 Troop63650
Troop91528 Troop21275 Troop71790 SU754
Troop91611 Troop21638 Troop71879 Troop01256
SU558 Troop21649 SU648 Troop01263
Troop07050 Troop21740 Troop00765 Troop01280
Troop07088 Troop21793 Troop07288 Troop01303
Troop07383 Troop21809 Troop07967 Troop01347
Troop71273 Troop21870 Troop77428 Troop01521
SU560 Troop21873 SU649 Troop01633
Troop00713 Troop22035 Troop07507 Troop01656
Troop00722 SU617 Troop71959 Troop01677
Troop00753 Troop00279 Troop72055 Troop01879
Troop07013 Troop02113 SU650 SU755
Troop07028 Troop02114 Troop07046 Troop01014
Troop07034 Troop02539 Troop07300 Troop01806
Troop07100 Troop02784 Troop07357 Troop11159
Troop07117 Troop21584 Troop07879 SU757
Troop07246 Troop21640 SU652 Troop01061
Troop07371 Troop22051 Troop07067 Troop01145
Troop07585 SU618 Troop07191 Troop01676
Troop71530 Troop00258 Troop07278 SU759
SU561 Troop02057 Troop71276 Troop00134
Troop07063 Troop21321 Troop71874 Troop00169
Troop07285 SU619 SU656 Troop01227
Troop07776 Troop02235 Troop00404 Troop01331
Troop71043 Troop02755 Troop00447 Troop01818
Troop71147 Troop02790 Troop04227 Troop01869
Troop71604 Troop02992 Troop04282 SU760 Spring Corners*
Troop77160 Troop21522 Troop04465 SU760
SU562 Troop21714 Troop04560 Troop00156
Troop00712 Troop21718 Troop04567 Troop01012
Troop00781 Troop21724 Troop04923 Troop01566
Troop07026 Troop21733 SU703 Troop01651
Troop07108 Troop22110 Troop00857 Troop01664
Troop07175 SU620 Troop00874 Troop01714
Troop07242 Troop02555 Troop00887 Troop11068
Troop07360 Troop02616 Troop08019 Troop11146
Troop71029 Troop21748 Troop08060 SU761
Troop71558 Troop21883 Troop08288 Troop00185
Troop71947 SU621 Rock United* Troop08307 Troop01634
SU563 SU621 Troop08323 SU762
Troop00747 Troop00028 Troop08341 Troop00155
Troop00789 Troop00209 Troop08829 Troop00189
Troop07061 Troop00262 Troop08847 Troop00191
Troop07761 Troop00263 SU704 Troop01284
Troop73448 Troop02367 Troop00824 Troop01944
SU564 Troop02395 Troop00859 SU763
Troop07151 Troop02470 Troop00889 Troop00149
Troop73441 Troop02545 Troop08357 Troop00173
SU565 Troop02618 Troop08756 Troop01080
Troop00795 Troop02658 Troop81075 Troop01156
Troop07295 Troop02981 Troop82136 Troop01379
Troop07574 Troop21260 Troop82137 Troop01708
Troop71156 SU624 Sandy Run* SU707 Troop01709
Troop71182 SU624 Troop00828 Troop01902
Troop71524 Troop00266 Troop00854 Troop01903
Troop71595 Troop02010 Troop00878 Troop11022
SU570 Troop02027 Troop08162 SU766 Twin Valley*
Troop00762 Troop02035 Troop08220 SU766
Troop07018 Troop02036 Troop08587 Troop00120
Troop07035 Troop02037 Troop81107 Troop00163
Troop07457 Troop02095 Troop01008
Troop71140 Troop02105   Troop01287
Troop71377 Troop02135   Troop01309
Troop71515 Troop02147   Troop01343
Troop71928 Troop02246 Troop01346
Troop73313 Troop02250 Troop01373
Troop77138 Troop02542   Troop01400
  Troop02575 Troop01441
  Troop02607 Troop01489
  Troop02672 Troop01516
  Troop02949 Troop01724
  Troop20520 Troop01727
  Troop21048   Troop01989
  Troop21116 Troop12147

Helpful Documents for Renewing

*Tip: Leaders, make sure you renew your membership before you begin renewing girls or your position.

Helpful Videos for Renewing

Check out the videos below for a step-by-step walk through of the renewal process for families, troop leaders, and lifetime members. Please disregard the date on the video. The functionality is still the same. Shout out to Girl Scouts of Eastern Ohio for putting together these great videos!



Spring Renewal FAQs

What is Spring Renewal?

Spring Renewal is your chance to be the first to renew for another exciting year of GIrl Scouts! Whether you're a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, or leader, when you renew membership between May 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020, you get the chance to unleash your greatness for another year, AND get a special patch!

When is Spring Renewal?

GSEP's Spring Renewal begins May 1, 2020 and ends June 30, 2020.

Who can renew during Spring Renewal?

All currently registered members! During Spring Renewal, parents or guardians can renew themselves and their Girl Scouts, and troop leaders can renew themselves and their troop members.

Why should I renew now?

Secure your spot in your troop now! Bridging girls can also secure their spot in their new troop. Whether you're a troop leader, parent, or guardian, renewing shows that you believe in the power of the G.I.R.L. You understand the amazing opportunities that girls get as Girl Scouts, and you're committed to helping girls continue their journey to greatness!

Renewing now also means there's one less thing to worry about at the start of another busy school year. Girl Scouts are always prepared, so renew today!

Where do I renew?

Online! Renewing is SUPER easy. Simply log in to your My GS account to renew! Check out this helpful guide for instructions to log in.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues are $25.

What Internet browser should I use?

Chrome is the preferred browser for viewing our website and logging into My GS. Download it here

Internet Browser and Pop-up Blockers
To view and print your Girl Scout membership receipt, you may need to temporarily disable pop-up blockers for the web browser you are using. It is best to do this before you start the renewal process.

My Girl Scout earned a membership voucher during the Cookie Program. How do I renew her?

Congrats, #cookieboss! The membership voucher offer will be emailed by May 2020.  All parents need to do is reply to the email that they want to redeem the free membership and we will renew it for you.  Until then, parents or leaders who think a girl earned the membership voucher should not renew the membership to prevent the time and cost of refunding it later.  If you do not receive the email by May 15th, please email and we will research it for you. 


MY GS/Registration Questions

I am a Lifetime member. Why does it say my membership is "in progress"?

If you are a Lifetime Member and you renew or change your volunteer position, your position will automatically switch to “in progress” while we verify your criminal background check documentation. (Unfortunately, the system does not allow us to skip this step – even for currently cleared volunteers.)

How do I renew my volunteer position?

If you are an adult member or lifetime volunteer who is renewing, we recommend that you renew any girls and adults in your troop first, then renew your own membership, then renew (or change/add) your volunteer position. Because all Girl Scout volunteers in Pennsylvania must have valid background checks, any changes to your volunteer position will make your position “in progress” while we manually check your background check status. (Unfortunately, the system does not allow us to skip this step – even for currently cleared volunteers.)

Why am I seeing inactive members in my troop? These girls/adults were not in my troop last year.

A member will remain affiliated with your troop for two years to allow an opportunity for lapsed members to return to your troop at any time.

The years of scouting listed in my record is incorrect. Can you fix it?

Years of Scouting is self-reported. When a girl membership or an adult membership is renewed, the number in the Girl Years field (or Adult Years field for adult members) is incremented by 1. At this time, the number of Adult Years field does not automatically advance for Lifetime Members.

Neither GSEP nor GSUSA keeps records of years of service, and this is not a field that we are able to verify. However, if your account lists the incorrect number of years and you’d like us to update it, email


When I create my password for My GS/Member Community, does it automatically update my password in the Program/Event Registration System (Ebiz)?

No, setting up your account and/or resetting your password for MYGS will not reset your password in the Program/Event Registration System. However, you can use the same username and password in both systems. 

Do I need an account in the Program/Event Registration System (Ebiz) to register for a program, camp, or training?

Yes. MYGS does not currently support event, program, or training registration. If you are a new member, or if you do not have a current log-in for the Program/Event Registration System (Ebiz), you will need to create an account in order to register for events, programs (including camp), or trainings.

Before logging into Program/Event Registration, you must create an account in MYGS and then wait 24 hours (it takes 24 hours for the systems to transfer your information). You may then create a login and complete your program registration.  

If you receive an error or have any trouble, please contact us at

How do I request a troop transfer?

To request a troop transfer, email with the full names of girls/adults to be transferred and their new troop numbers. Service Unit Managers, Troop Leaders, and parent/guardians may initiate a transfer.

Can I add new girls to my troop now?

Yes! If the girls are already registered, email and request a troop transfer.

If they girls are not already registered, the troop leader can add them during the renewal process. At the bottom of the renewal page, beneath “add a new member to your troop,” select girl or adult member and click go.

Why can't I update my girl's grade?

The grade for all current members will automatically “age up” one year on July 1.

I am a leader who needs to add a girl to my troop or edit a volunteer role. How do I do that?

As a troop leader, you can now make a number of updates to your troop's information in My GS:

  • Add a new girl or adult to your troop for the next membership year. Click the "Troops" tab and scroll down to Add a New Member to Troop to start their registration.
  • Add or change volunteer roles for an adult in your troop. Click on the "Troops" tab and to the right of the adult's name click on Add/Edit.
  • Open your troop to new girls or edit your troop meeting information. You can do both by clicking on the "Troops" tab. Scroll down and click on View/Edit Troop information
I am a parent and need to change my daughter’s troop or add a member to our household. How do I do that?

As a parent, you can make a number of changes to your Girl Scout or family's information:

  • Add a new troop for a girl: Under the "Membership" tab under Participation, Add/Change Troops.
  • Add a new volunteer role for yourself: Under the "Membership" tab under Participation, Add Role.
  • Add a new girl or adult to your household: Scroll down on the "Membership" tab to Add a New Member to the Household.
  • Update your contact information or child's school information: Click on the "Family Profile" tab to edit your household's information.
How do I apply for financial aid?

Membership financial aid is available on a first come, first served basis while funds are available.  To apply, begin the registration process to join or renew and click Request Financial Aid on the payment screen.  You will receive an email with additional instructions and links to complete the process. When funding runs out, this request option will no longer be available.

How do I renew my CBCs? I am a new volunteer, what is the CBC process?

For step-by-step instructions on what documents are required for your CBC clearances, and how to submit them, visit our Ways to Volunteer page.

Check out our CBC Processing Packet for helpful information on the CBC process.

Why am I not seeing camp sessions or events that I've registered for in my profile in My GS?

Before logging into Program/Event Registration, you must create an account in MYGS and then wait 1 to 2 days (information is transferred between systems nightly at 9 pm EST). You may then create an online account and complete your program, camp or training registration.