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Fall Product Program

Fall Product Program is back and better than ever! Starting October 16th, GSEP is partnering with M2 Media and Trophy Nut for a new online-only product program. Troops will have the option to opt-in and participate in this high proceed opportunity.

Girls can design an avatar of their very own likeness with enough features to create over 3 billion avatars. The avatars will allow girls to sell nuts and magazines to their neighbors, families, and friends from their own computer or smart phone, with the help of a grownup.

Girls will be able to record a personalized video or audio message to send to family and friends, encouraging them to help her reach her goals.

Once sent, family and friends will have the option to shop for magazines, nuts, chocolates and even make a donation to help their favorite Girl Scout reach their goal!

Program Details

Girls can set up and run their own online storefront through the M2 Operating System.  It's simple! Go to to get started!

Program Dates: October 16th- November 15th

Product and Recognition delivery to troops and customers who chose direct ship by December 7th


There will be two different recognitions plans:

Opt In

Girls can earn these recognitions in addition to 20% troop proceeds!

Bravely Be You Patch Send 15+ Emails
Trust Your Strengths Patch $75+ in Total Sales
Swimming Sloth Patch $150+ in Total Sales
Sloth Pen $150+ in Total Sales
Small Sloth Plush $350+ in Total Sales
Watercolor Set AND Choice: Sloth Socks OR Speaker $450+ in Total Sales
Bravely Be You T-Shirt $550+ in Total Sales
Jumbo Fuzzy Blanket $850+ in Total Sales

Opt Out

Want to earn more troop proceeds? Have your entire troop opt out of the individual girl recognitions and earn 22% of your troop’s total sales.  Girls will still earn their patches.

Bravely Be You Patch Send 15+ Emails
Trust Your Strengths Patch $75+ in Total Sales
Swimming Sloth Patch $150+ in Total Sales

Troops with either recognition plan will be eligible to earn these amazing theme patches!!

In addition to the Fall Avatar patch, girls will have an opportunity to earn a second patch for their combined efforts in the 2020 Fall Product Program and the 2021 Cookie Program. To earn the Girl Scout cross over patch, create your avatar, send 15+ emails, and then sell 275+ packages of cookies during the Cookie Program!

Further Resources

  • For allergen information and the full menu of items click here.
  • If you are a volunteer who needs to log in to the M2 admin site visit:
  • Need technical support or assistance with orders? 
    Contact M2 Customer Service 
    or call 1-800-372-8520.

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