Volunteer Contacts


If you have any general questions about GSEP, contact Member Services at memberservices@gsep.org or call 1-(888/215) 564-4657 and press 2.

The Training and Development Team is also here to serve you! If you have any questions on troop support, training, being girl-led, using Journeys, or understanding Volunteer Essentials, don’t hesitate to email us at training@gsep.org!  You can also view contact information for the Training and Development and Placement Teams below.

The Training and Development Team

Christie Bett
Assistant Director of Training and Development
Phone: (610) 933-7555 x1456
Email: cbett@gsep.org

Tracey Bunch
Senior Manager of Training and Development
Phone: (610) 933-7555 x1425
Email: tbunch@gsep.org

Kyra Downs
Manager of Training and Development
Phone: (610) 933-7555 x1303
Email: kbreen@gsep.org

Karen Breen
Lead Training and Development Specialist
Phone: (610) 933-7555 x1303
Email: kbreen@gsep.org

Lynn Elliott
Training and Development Specialist
Phone: (610) 933-7555 x1007
Email: lelliott@gsep.org

Teresa Van Arsdale
Training and Development Coordinator
Phone: (610) 933-7555 x1452
Email: tvanarsdale@gsep.org

The Placement Team

For any questions related to the placement of girls and adults into troops, or the Volunteer Application and Criminal Background Clearance process, please contact placement@gsep.org.