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Service Unit Cookie Cupboard Agreement Form

A Service Unit Cookie Cupboard (SUCC) is a cookie exchange operated by a service unit volunteer.  The primary function of a SUCC is to provide service to local troops to help direct a successful cookie program.  It can be used for the following:

  • Provide package pick up to troops  for emergencies
  • Provide package pick up to troops to fill orders late in the program
  • Allows for exchange of cookie variety at the package level between troops 

SUCC accounts will be set up in Smart Cookies by council and assigned to the Service Unit Cookie Manager on record upon completion of this form.  Each SUCC will be assigned a troop number corresponding with its assigned service unit.  A troop number is assigned to the SUCC to allow Smart Cookies access and the transfer of cookies at the package level. The troop number will be the service unit number with the preface of 900.  For example, service unit 500 would be listed as 900500.

Transactions that adjust inventory between a SUCC and a troop must be documented on a T8 Cookie Transfer Sheet.  The troop cookie manager and service unit volunteer must complete all parts of the form and signatures are required.  The service unit volunteer will then enter the transaction into ABC Smart Cookies. All transactions MUST be entered into ABC Smart Cookies within 24 hours of transfer being completed. Log into ABC Smart Cookies as the cupboard, 900XXX, and complete the transaction by going to the cookie icon, selecting transfer, and then selecting a troop to troop transfer. Council will request records of all transfers completed.

Each SUCC manager is responsible for managing the SUCC to an inventory of zero.  Any remaining balance will be responsible for the service unit to pay and will be swept on the last sweep on April 15, 2021.

Cookies from the cupboard may NOT be returned at the end of the cookie program.  The service unit is responsible for leftover inventory.

This form is due by November 30, 2020.

I have read the requirements of holding a Service Unit Cookie Cupboard.  I understand that I must manage my SUCC to a zero balance.  I understand that cookies cannot be returned.  Any additional cookies will be paid for by the service unit.  I understand that I am responsible for entering transfers between the SUCC and troops and maintaining copies of the paperwork for one year.