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Strategic Priorities

2016–2019 Strategic Plan: Leadership for the Future

Strategic Learning and Planning Process

In 2015, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania launched a strategic learning and planning process to set the direction for the organization’s future. GSEP engaged its community throughout the process to gather ideas about priorities and approaches. The result is a plan that is designed to strengthen GSEP’s leadership position while enhancing leadership opportunities for girls.

The strategic learning and planning process included:

– Interviews with volunteers, partners, alumnae, and supporters

– Online surveys of community members and volunteers, the staff, and the Board of Directors

– Focus groups of volunteers, supporters, and alumnae

– All-staff planning sessions to review key findings and craft responsive strategies

– Environmental scan of local and national trends and promising practices

– Visioning and goal-setting sessions with GSEP’s Strategic Learning and Planning Committee and Board of Directors

What we heard:

– We have a passionate community of girls, volunteers, and supporters.

– We have opportunities to strengthen our leadership development focus for girls – to offer experiences and a community unlike any other organization or program.

– We need to ensure the highest quality of programming and experiences for girls and volunteers to enhance our impact, which will position us to increase the number of people we serve. Focus on quality, and growth will happen.

– We need to invest in the internal strength of GSEP—its people and processes—to enhance the impact we have on individual girls and in our community.

Our thanks to all who shared with us their ideas, questions, and support throughout the learning and planning process. We look forward to communicating our progress and achievements. Interested in learning more? We encourage you to download our Strategic Plan 2016-2019 Leadership for the Future here or contact our Strategic Learning Team noted below.


Goal I: Our Organization

  • Kim E. Fraites-Dow  – Team Lead
  • April Beattie  –  Co- Lead
  • Christine Boyko
  • Tracey Bunch
  • Carla Hickey
  • Debbie Jacobson
  • Keisha Jordan
  • Jeff Kwait
  • Norman Marks
  • Kimberly Moore
  • Stephanie Vighetti

Goal II: Communications

  • Vicki Lupica – Co-Lead
  • Jesse Flood - Co-Lead
  • Alix Finnegan
  • Jesse Flood
  • Dale Moelter
  • Georganne Seeley
  • Jess Skone
  • Danielle Yavorski

Goal III: Girl Experience

  • Lynn Elloitt
  • Elizabeth Frederick
  • Kristin Leiby
  • Naomi Pratt
  • Maddie Sedler
  • Jackie Wilson

Goal IV: Volunteer Experience

  • Ashley Detweiler – Co- Lead
  • Trina Gable - Co-Lead
  • Roxy DeSandies
  • Kyra McGrath
  • Inshirah Mohammad
  • Debbie Roman
  • Allie Sepulveda-Rivera
  • Lydia Smith

Goal V: Financial Stability and Revenue Enhancement

Project Manager: Charlene Reidy

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Your time to shine? Now! Join Today and Save.
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Your time to shine? Now! Volunteer Today and Save.