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This is your one stop shop for everything social media! Learn more about where you can follow us, check out some of our toolkits, and discover tips and tricks to utilize social media for your own troop. 

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Get Started with Social Media
The Big Three

Though there is an almost endless amount of social media apps and websites, the big three that most people use are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Below is a breakdown of each social media platform, the average age range of it's users, and a short description of how to get started. 


How to Access Facebook: Desktop or Mobile
Average Age Range: 25 to 45
What is it Good for: Facebook is best used a way to communicate with close family and friends, however, once you have a Facebook account, you can also set up "Groups" to easily communicate with groups of people, for example, parents of the girls in your troop, volunteers in your Service Unit, or parents of girls going on an international trip. 
How to Get Started: Head over to or download the Facebook app to your smart phone. Sign up for an account by entering an email address and some other contact information. Once your account is set up, add a profile picture or cover photo and start adding friends and family. 
How to Set Up a Group: In the blue banner at the top of the page, click on the button that says "Create" and from that dropdown select "Group". Name you group, for example "Service Unit 616 Volunteers", add the people you want by either name or email address, then choose the security setting. CLOSED means the group content won't be visible to the public, but anyone can find it and request to join. SECRET means the only way people can find it is if you send them the link. 


How to Access Twitter: Desktop or Mobile
Average Age Range: 18 to 40
What is it Good For: Twitter is known for it's character limit, which means everything you post has to be under a certain number of letters and characters. The current limit is 280 characters. Because of this restriction, Twitter is best used for fast updates. In fact, most Twitter users don't regularly post and instead only use Twitter for news and current events. If you're a volunteer with younger parents and you want a place to post about meeting cancellations, location changes, etc... Twitter would be a good place to start. 
How to Get Started: Head to or download the Twitter app on your smartphone. Enter an email address and some other contact information to set up your account. Once your set up add a profile picture and cover photo. Find friends my searching their names or by sharing your account link with them. 


How to Access Instagram: Mobile
Average Age Range: 17 to 30
What is it Good For: Instagram is a visual social media platform, meaning everything you post HAS to have a photographic or visual element. Because of this, Instagram is best used as a platform to showcase the amazing work your girls, volunteers, or troops are doing to the general public. If you are a volunteer that works with older girls, they are most likely on Instagram as well. 
How to Get Started: Head to or download the Instagram app to your smartphone. Please note, however, that Instagram is a mobile social media platform. While you can create an account from your desktop, you will not be able to post from your desktop. Enter an email address and some other contact information to get your account set up. 
What's a Story: One of Instagram's unique features is it's Stories function. Recently, Facebook has also launched a Stories function, however, Instagram's is still more popular. Your Story can be used to give your followers an inside look at an event you're holding, a community project you're working on, or anything else that happens within a short timeframe. 

Social Media Event Checklist
Enhance Your Events

Make sure your troop events, community projects, or recruitment tables, are set up for success by utilizing social media and interacting with Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Before the Event
  • Brainstorm and create an event hashtag that can be used to track everything posted before, during, and after the event
  • Create an Event on Facebook no less than two months before the event
  • Email if your event is a community event or service project or fill out the Recruitment Event form is your event is a recruitment table. 
  • Let people know that you'll be posting to your Instagram Story during the event if they want to follow along
During the Event
  • Utilize Instagram by posting once to your feed before the event starts, letting your followers know to follow along on your story. 
  • Post regularly to your Instagram Story using pictures, videos, boomerangs, gifs, polls, and more. Be as interactive as possible so even if someone couldn't make it to the event, they still feel as if they're there. 
  • Also considering "Live Tweeting" by providing short and fast updates about things happening at the event. 
After the Event
  • Go back and search your event hashtag to see who was using it, what they said, and to interact with them and potentially have a conversation. 
  • If you took any photos during the event, be sure to send them to with a little write up about the event as well as any names of people pictured. 
  • Post a quick thank you to attendees on any of your social media platforms. 
How to Utilize LIVE Features

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is intended to be an information sharing opportunity for our current girls and parents or prospective girls and parents. Facebook retains all Live sessions in an archive so they can be referred back to even if someone misses it. 

Facebook Live is most effective if it is used strategically on a scheduled basis. These need to be highly planned, including talking points and a non-scripted run of show. 

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is intended to be used for short term, spur of the moment, streams that capture an audience by giving a sense of urgency. All Instagram Lives are gone after 24 hours but can be viewed within the 24 hours even after you have stopped streaming. 

Instagram Live is most effective if it is used as a rather quick and informal way of getting a person dedicated to the live stream in front of an audience. If you want to live stream an event that is longer than an hour, those would be best for Instagram Stories. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories should be used for longer events that you want to follow from start to finish but do not necessarily want to broadcast through it’s entirety. They can also be used for day long takeovers, either by girls or volunteers. Stories are the most informal form of live features and people can utilize it’s many functions to interact with followers such as polls and Q&As. Instagram stories live for 24 hours but can be saved and posted to your account as a highlight. 

Instagram stories are most successful when they let people follow along with something or get a behind the scenes look or different perspective than they usually get on your feed. 


Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania has made it an initiative to create toolkits that volunteers, girls, and parents can use to highlight different aspects of Girl Scouting, including programming, highest awards, and more. These ready to use kits include social media messaging and graphics that you can easily download and use across all of your personal social media platforms. 

Interact with Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania can be found across multiple social media platforms. These are places you can interact with council staff, ask questions, and share your stories. Learn more about where to find us below. 

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