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Basic Outdoor Skills Training Exemption Request

Basic Outdoor Skills training is required to take girls on an outdoor overnight trip, to do camping activities like fire-building, or to stay at a GSEP property.  

You might qualify for exemption from the Basic Outdoor Skills training if:

1. You have extensive camping experience in the last five years


2. You have completed the Indoor Overnight Skills training 

By requesting exemption, volunteers may be approved to complete a Basic Outdoor Skills certification test, in place of attending the training.  


Complete all sections of this form to the best of your ability.  Please ensure that all experience listed is within the last five years and is from camping trips you led.  


Meal Planning

Briefly summarize 3 meals that were planned and executed with a group of people on two separate camping experiences.  Include date, location, and group size.

Example: 7/14: Core Creek Park - 18 people - chicken foil dinners with s'mores


Propane Stove

List 3 different occasions on which you have used a propane stove when cooking with a group.

Example: 7/24: Prepared soup


Charcoal & Wood Fires

How many times have you led a group in using each of the following cooking methods with charcoal or wood fires?


Health & Safety

List 3 primary safety considerations when cooking with a group in the outdoors.  Describe how you have addressed each of these.


Other Experience

Include any other experience that you have which would be relevant to your exemption from the Basic Outdoor Skills course.