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Volunteer Events

We love our volunteers as much as our girls and want to see them succeed! These events provide opportunities for professional and skill development, networking, and personal growth. What better way to energize yourself than with other fabulous volunteers?


For All Volunteers
Fall Leadership Weekend

Stay tuned for 2022 event details!

Volunteer Awards Celebration

Stay tuned for 2022 event details!

Women's Leadership Summit

Stay tuned for 2023 event details!

Outdoor Skills Sampler

Outdoor Skills Sampler
April 9, 2022; 12:30pm-4:15pm

Join us at charming Camp Mountain House for the second annual Outdoor Skills Sampler! This round-robin-style event allows you to build your repertoire of outdoor skills, while enjoying the company of other Girl Scout volunteers.  Cook a tasty snack in a pie iron over the coals! Make a survival bracelet, learn all about tents, search for signs of local wildlife, and participate in outdoor team-building activities you can use to bring your troop together!

Parking at Mountain House is limited, so we are asking participants to carpool:

Come with 2 registrants in the car, and you both get a hydroflask

Come with 3 or more participants in the car, and everyone gets a hydroflask plus an additional surprise gift



For Service Unit Managers & Teams
Fall Kick-Off

Save the Date!

August 22, 2021

Camp Laughing Waters, Gilbertsville 


Registration information coming soon!

Your time to shine? Now! Volunteer Today and Save.
Your time to shine? Now! Volunteer Today and Save.