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Re-Create and Perform the Music of the Past!

Sat Apr 24, 10:28 PM - 10:28 PM
Badge Earning
Girl Fee:

Experience what it was like to be a musician in the past! Go back to the ‘70s with funk music and disco or explore music and life in the ‘20s and focus on women’s right to vote! As a team, we will choose an era, discuss what occurred in that time period, and learn about and listen to the kind of music that was being played and performed. You will discuss musical styles, instruments, beats, and songs that were popular during that time period, dream up characters for ourselves, learn a song from that era together, and finish the day by performing the song as our new characters! All troops must meet girladult ratios for their group. Individual girls must be accompanied by a registered adult.

*Includes Playing the Past badge and New Groove Studio patch.