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Nighttime Exploration

Sat Jan 23, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Cadette, Senior
Badge Earning
Cadette, Senior
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Nighttime Exploration

Hosted by Wildlands Conservancy 

Owls, skunks, and opossums! Meet some of our nocturnal animals before venturing out to search the night sky. Learn how to use a telescope and binoculars, how to find constellations, and how to find the North star from the Big Dipper. How can you tell the difference between a planet, a star, and a satellite? We’ll share when to watch the best meteor showers and what you can do to clean up light pollution so that we can better see the night sky.

No supplies are needed for this program.

*Includes Night Owl badge, Sky badge, and a Wildlands Conservancy Jr. Naturalist patch.