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Girl Scout Camp!

Special tiered discounts available!

Tier One:  Valid December 15- January 15
$50 off Resident Camp sessions
$25 of Day Camp Sessions

Tier Two: Valid January 16- February 15
$40 off Resident Camp sessions
$20 of Day Camp Sessions

Tier Three: Valid February 16 - March 15
$30 off Resident Camp sessions
$15 of Day Camp Sessions

On March 16, final prices will be as listed in the Camp Guide.

A Note About Safety

A Note About Safety

Nothing is more important than the emotional and physical safety of our campers. Our programs are designed to allow campers to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment. Our enthusiastic staff receive extensive training before camp and are chosen for their maturity, energy, and ability to be positive role models for your girl. All of our camps have received ACA Accreditation. Health and safety are always at the forefront of our planning. GSEP served over 3000 Girl Scouts in summer 2021 at our 6 camp properties.  We remain committed to providing the safest experience possible to all of our campers and staff.

Check out our COVID Strategy and Updates page for more information about changes to camp and ways we are going to keep campers and staff safe this summer.

Our Vision 

At Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, we strive to provide camps and programs that build girls’ leadership, confidence, independence, and community. Our camps are committed to providing opportunities for girls from all nine counties in our council, creating and connecting a diverse community that helps campers unlock their potential and discover the world, while developing life skills and making memories that last a lifetime. GSEP girls are G. I. R. L. s ( Go-getters , Innovators , Risk-Takers , and Leaders )

Our Program Philosophy 

We believe everything that happens at camp is part of the camp experience. Our campers have wonderful adventures. They try new things, build confidence, and make new friends. They also spend time away from their families in a new environment, both through our day camps and overnight at our resident camps. During this time, they learn to be part of a community, to make decisions together, to take responsibility for their actions and their surroundings. They participate in “kapers” to keep camp areas clean and organized, share responsibilities at camp cookouts, and support each other through new challenges. 

In our safe and supportive environment, girls become active participants in the learning process. 

Why Camp is Important 

  • At camp, girls get a close–up look at the compassionate leadership practiced by our camp staff. And girls get loads of opportunities to practice being a leader by voicing their feelings, making individual choices, and negotiating group decision-making. 
  • Campers develop a sense of security and self–confidence that will help them develop a strong sense of self, form healthy relationships, take risks and learn from mistakes. 
  • Camp embraces the natural environment and allows girls to unplug from their busy lives and experience the outdoors. 
Your time to shine? Now! Join Today and Save.
Your time to shine? Now! Join Today and Save.
Your time to shine? Now! Volunteer Today and Save.
Your time to shine? Now! Volunteer Today and Save.