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Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Enrollment Process and Application


Background Check Process


Volunteer Opportunities


Be the role model she'll always remember. Join Girl Scouts today!


Whether you can give a day, a few weeks, or the whole year, it all starts with you. As a Girl Scouts volunteer, you'll introduce girls to new experiences that show them they're capable of more than they ever imagined. Short-term or on-going, working directly with girls or behind the scenes, leading a Troop or at pitching in at the administrative level – there are volunteer opportunities to fit every schedule. You do not need to have a daughter in Girl Scouts or become a Troop Leader to participate. Everyone has something to offer!


Why volunteer with Girl Scouts?

  • Make a difference in girls’ lives.

  • Enhance your skills or develop new skills you’ve always wanted to learn.

  • Receive training, resources, and support services.

  • Gain experience for your professional resume.

  • Share a talent or interest with others.

  • Help girls grow courageous and strong!


Volunteer Enrollment Process and Application

It's easy to become a volunteer! Below are the steps to get you on your way!

  • Choose a volunteer role

Below are some of the most popular roles chosen by our volunteers. (Please note there are more than 10 volunteer positions to choose from. There is a further-detailed list of all the positions available to you when filling out the volunteer application.)



Troop Leader/Co-leader/Assistant Leader

Leading the troop through meetings, programs, events, and girls' journeys. (Background check required.)

Troop Treasurer

Manages and maintains all aspects of troop's finances. (Background check required.)

Troop Cookie Manager

Provides troop with training and support during the duration of the Cookie Program. Held responsible for the finances during the Cookie Program and stays in constant communication with the Troop Treasurer and Troop Leader. (Background check required.)

Council Learning Facilitator

This volunteer position is responsible for delivering courses, workshops, and resources to groups of volunteers in order to orient, prepare, and support them throughout their appointment. The nature of this position is to provide indirect service to girls. (No background check required.)

Volunteer Management Liaison

The Volunteer Management Liaison (VML) will act as the bridge between the Council's Volunteer Management team and the volunteers at the Service Unit (SU) level. The VML will be responsible for speaking with any new volunteer, helping facilitate a timely placement into a volunteer position, and providing the necessary support for their success. She/he will also need to work with other SU teams to understand the volunteer needs of the SU.


Click on a Volunteer Position below to read position descriptions:


Troop Leader Camp Coordinator 
Council Learning Facilitator Volunteer Grade Level Expert
Leader, Co-leader, Asst. Leader Parent Helper
Program Activity Leader Program Coordinator
Registrar Service Unit Bureau Chief
Service Unit Cookie Manager Service Unit Manager
Service Unit Nuts about Reading Manager Service Unit Outdoor Skills Expert
Service Unit Treasurer Subject Matter Expert
Troop Cookie Manager Expert Troop Nuts about Reading Program Manager
Troop Organizer Troop Treasurer
Volunteer Management Liaison Volunteer Mentor
Volunteer Position Description Template Family Partnership


  • Complete the Volunteer Application

  • Background Check Processing

    • If the role that you chose requires a background clearance (someone who works with girls three or more times, plans to attend an overnight with girls or handles Girl Scout funds), you will be directed to apply for it within the application process.

    • Once you’ve obtained a satisfactory clearance, your contact information will be sent to the volunteers in your area. They will be able to answer any questions relating to your role and volunteering with Girl Scouts, and provide continued support.

    • If you have a question about Background Checks, chances are someone else has asked it before! Check out FAQs for Background Checks.

  • Volunteer Interview Process

    • If the role that you chose requires an interview to be held, a Volunteer Management Liaison will contact you. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself that will reflect your personality as well as goals you wish to achieve by volunteering with Girl Scouts.

  • Membership Registration

    • If you’re right for the role, we’ll assist you in becoming a registered adult member. (All volunteers are required to become registered adult members with GSUSA.)

  • Training & Support

    • If the role that you chose requires training, you will be informed by the Volunteer Management Department at the time of your membership confirmation.

  • Start Volunteering!

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer, please email the Volunteer Management department or contact us at 610-933-7555.



Background Check Process

Thank you for your volunteering with Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania. For the safety and security of our members and our program, we ask that you complete a criminal background check if you are applying for a position that entails working directly with girls, handling Girl Scout or troop funds, or attending an overnight with girls.


The cost of processing a criminal background check through InfoMart, our service provider, is $1.95 for a single name search.  The information you provide will only be used to conduct a background check, so please make sure that you provide accurate and complete responses for all requested information on the one-page application.


This system is to be used for new volunteers applying for their criminal background check for the first time as well as volunteers looking to renew their criminal background check. 


Step 1: Apply

If you agree to pay $1.95 to obtain a criminal background check, you may now apply for your desired role. Filling out a volunteer application will lead you to a portal website, where you will be able to pay securely by credit card.


You will be asked to apply for a background check only if you pick a role that requires one. 


Step 2: Enter your personal information

All fields marked with a “*” are required. Once you fill them out and review your responses, click “submit.” (If you would like a copy of your completed application, use your web browser's Print function to print the application after completing it, but before clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the application.)


Step 3: Submisison

Acknowledge that you’ve read and understood the release information, then click “submit.”


Step 4: Processing

InfoMart will begin processing your background check. Upon completion, the will be provided to your Service Unit; you will also receive an email notification of your status.


Step 5: Connect with your local area       

Once you have obtained a satisfactory background check, a Service Unit volunteer (called a Volunteer Management Liaison) will contact you regarding your requested role. The liaison will be able to answer questions relating to your position and area.


Background Checks are valid for 3 years.  At the point in time volunteers will receive letters alerting them before their clearances need to be renewed.


GSEP is no longer accepting background check copies from other organizations. All background checks will have to be obtained through the volunteer application system. Any questions regarding background checks can be directed to volunteer@gsep.org.



Volunteer Opportunities

Check out some of our current opportunities below!


Have something in mind that isn’t listed? Tell us at volunteer@gsep.org