Customer Engagement Initiative

GSEP is transitioning to the Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI)!

Click on the links below to learn more about CEI and what it means to you and your troop. We’ll continually update this page as we get closer to our “go-live” date of May 15, 2017. 


This page was last updated March 28, 2017.


Imagine a world where girls and volunteers join Girl Scouts with ease, and the process of becoming a troop leader is completed in a few days instead of weeks. Volunteers and families can find answers and receive support easily, in ways that best fit their schedules and lives. More girls and volunteers return year after year to an organization they love.

Can you imagine it? We can, too, and we’re ready to make it a reality.

That’s why Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania is joining with Girl Scouts of the USA and councils across the nation in a new way of engaging and communicating with volunteers, families and girl members. The project is the Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) and it’s all about improving the volunteer experience and making it easier for girls to get involved with Girl Scouts!

This new way of work focuses on aligning people, processes and systems to effectively ensure both recruitment and service/retention functions are providing a quality, customer-centric and consistent experience resulting in girl and volunteer membership growth and satisfaction.

This exciting initiative consists of three online tools:

  • Volunteer Systems: An all-new membership registration system will make it easier for members to join Girl Scouts.
  • Website: Our website will be updated to be consistent with the Girl Scout brand and aligned with other councils across the country.
  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK): The Volunteer Toolkit is an online tool for leading your K-5 troop. It has reduced annual time commitments of volunteers by an average of 70-hours annually. Click here to view a video preview of the Volunteer Toolkit.

GSEP will transition to CEI in May 2017.


Friday, March 31

  • Last day for new or “In Process” volunteers to submit CBC documentation in order to be transferred to the new system as an active volunteer. (If you do not submit documentation by this date, your membership will be transferred, but you will need to restart the volunteer process.) Contact for assistance.

Sunday, April 9

  • Last day for adults to self-appoint to volunteer positions in Online Registration System/Personify.
  • Last day to submit requests for troop-to-troop transfers to to ensure correct troops transfer to the new system.

Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, April 11

  • SUM’s will learn more about CEI at Spring LEAD meetings.

Monday, April 10 – Friday, April 28

  • Intensive CEI training for all staff

Wednesday, April 26

  • New website goes live!

Monday, May 1

  • New staff positions begin

Friday, May 5 – Monday, May 8

  • No access to Personify/Online Registration System – During this time both members and staff will be unable to access member, volunteer, or troop information and cannot make, change, or check activity registrations.

Week of May 8-12

  • Online Registration System/Personify re-opens for program and camp registration.
  • Membership/troop management functions will be unavailable.

Monday, May 15

  • CEI goes live! Volunteer Systems available for registration.

Monday, May 15 – Saturday, July 15

  • Early Bird Registration for MY2018 (Girls who register during this period will receive a G.I.R.L. patch.)



Please ensure your personal, troop, and family information is accurate and up-to-date so that your data will successfully transfer to our new Volunteer System! Click here to download the CEI Community Data Checklist with important action steps and deadlines.

1) “In Process” volunteers must submit CBC documentation by March 31, 2017

If you are a Girl Scout volunteer and your status in the Online Registration System is In Processa your volunteer position will not transfer to our new system and if you are a leader you will not be able to access troop information.
To ensure that your status as a volunteer migrates, it is critical that you complete the following steps and submit all required CBC documentation by Friday, March 31, 2017.
 Required steps:
2) Click the Activities tab
3) In featured activities, click on the volunteer option that applies to you -“Become a Volunteer” or “Returning Volunteer”- and complete the order
4) Submit the following documents to Dropbox

PA State Criminal Background Clearance
PA Child Abuse Clearance
GSEP Disclosure Statement
FBI Clearances (if you have not lived in Pennsylvania for the past 10 consecutive years)

Once completed documentation is submitted and verified by GSEP, your status will update to Active, ensuring that your position will migrate to the new system (Volunteer System) successfully. If you submit incomplete documentation, we cannot guarantee that your clearances will be processed in time for your volunteer assignment to transfer to the new Volunteer System.

If you have any questions about the CBC submission process, email us at


Volunteers must self-appoint by Sunday, April 9

If you do not have a volunteer position code, or if it is incorrect, you must self-appoint the correct code by Sunday, April 9, 2017 in order for your appointment to transfer to the new system. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to self-appoint.


Troop leaders must submit troop transfers by Sunday, April 9

Please submit any troop transfers to by Sunday, April 9, 2017.



What is CEI?

The Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) is a new way of engaging and communicating with our amazing volunteers, caregivers and girls. This exciting initiative consists of three online tools: a refreshed website, an all-new membership registration system, and a groundbreaking Volunteer Toolkit for K-5 troops (with additional age-level programming to come!).


When will CEI begin?

The good news is it already has! GSEP has been preparing for CEI for almost two years. In that time, we’ve educated our staff and volunteers about the benefits and challenges of the new system, redesigned our current website to “mirror” the CEI website, updated our phone systems and technology, realigned our staff to better support volunteers and this new way of work, and visited a sister council to learn first-hand from their transition to CEI.  In addition, Board, staff, and member input collected via surveys, focus groups, and interviews during the Strategic Learning process has informed our planning, and the successful implementation of CEI is a major priority of our current Strategic Plan.

We are now gearing up for a May 2017 launch! Our new website will go live on April 26 and the new online volunteer system will undergo quality testing for 7-10 days prior to its public launch on May 15, 2017. When it launches, it will include membership registration and volunteer roles only. The Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), which will provide great resources for troop management, will be rolled out in the summer/fall. Members will continue to use the Online Registration System (Personify/Ebiz) for all program, training, and camp registration. Active troop leaders will still be able to register troop members for programs and training via the Online Registration System.


What are the benefits of CEI?

Girl Scouts of the USA has invested in new tools and technology for councils, designed to improve the adult and girl experience and keep members at the center of our process. When we transition to CEI in 2017 and receive the new technology, members can expect:

  • A faster and easier joining (and renewal!) experience for girls and adult volunteers. The process of becoming a volunteer – from signing up to being appointed to a troop – can take as little as one week instead of four to six weeks!
  • A simplified volunteer experience, with planning and administrative tasks taking less than half the time as before (from 200 hours per year to fewer than 100) so volunteers can focus on the fun of working with girls!
  • Better communication with Girl Scouts to ensure families and volunteers are having a great experience and have the support they need. Our customer care process will provide real-time phone support, and there will be clear expectations and increased accountability for how staff should respond to member needs.


What are potential challenges of CEI?

All organizational changes are complex. However, by taking the necessary time to prepare our staff and systems for the transition to CEI, we are hoping to make the member experience as seamless as possible. Potential technology issues have greatly improved with each cohort of councils that have made the transition.

Migrating our data to the new system will cause some temporary interruptions to service. Our membership and program registration functions will be unavailable May 5-8, and we expect limited access to systems and staff from May 9 through 15. During this period, we will post updates about the transition on our website and Facebook page.


Are staff roles changing?

In order to limit disruption of services to our members, GSEP planned a phased realignment of staff to prepare for CEI. In 2016, GSEP’s Membership, Volunteer Intake, Membership Support, Registration, Volunteer Training & Support, and Program departments were reorganized to create the Recruitment, Placement, Member Services, Volunteer Training & Development, and Girl Experience teams. This change enabled GSEP to align our work with the new CEI business model for the current membership year.

As we get closer to the official CEI launch date, we have determined that GSEP staff will need to become even more specialized in their work to successfully implement CEI.

Necessary changes include:

  • Our recruitment team needs to focus on growing girl and adult membership without the added responsibility of Service Unit management;
  • Quality troop and Service Unit support requires a full team dedicated to serving our volunteers; and
  • CEI requires a team of Girl Scouts experts solely dedicated to answering phones and emails and providing the highest level of customer service.

To maximize the quality of service we provide to our members, in March 2017, we will undergo an additional realignment that will impact the Business Development, Customer Engagement, and People (Volunteer Training & Support and HR) teams. All internal hires will be made by early April, and new positions will begin on May 1.


How will the log-in experience change and can members use their current online account?

When we roll out CEI in May, all contacts will receive an email with instructions for creating an account. Members will need to create a new log-in to use this tool (it can be the same as their E-Biz login), but all account information will have been imported from our current database. When you are ready to log in, visit On the far right top of the page, you will see a link called “My GS.” When you click the link, you will go directly to your login page.


Will members have to input all of their troop information in the new database?

Our staff will have already migrated all of the member data from our old database. You will only need to make changes if and when your troop membership changes. If it’s not already in the system, we’ll also ask you to update your troop meeting information (date/location/time/grade level). NOTE: If your troop meets at a private residence (not recommended), only include the zip code and the words “Private Residence” in the address field.


How will members register for camp and programs?

Volunteer Systems does not currently support activity registration, so GSEP will continue to use Personify/Ebiz for program and camp registration. Program registration will be unavailable May 5-8 during our data migration, but otherwise will be unaffected.


Will volunteers be trained on the new system? When and how?

Yes, we will provide initial training to volunteers via webinars, documents on our website, and in-person workshops. We will offer ongoing coaching and support through our customer care and volunteer support teams. We will also update our current training to incorporate the Volunteer Toolkit.


Who can I contact if I have questions/suggestions about CEI?

We will continue to update our membership via GSEP News, at volunteer meetings, and on the Customer Engagement Initiative page on our website. Have a question that hasn’t been answered here? We’re happy to help! Email us at for more information.