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You Could Be in Spark!
You Could Be in Spark!

You Could Be in Spark!


Do you exemplify courage, confidence and character? We are looking to feature
18 Leaders Under 18 in our next Spark Magazine!


Spark CoverTo submit your entry for consideration please apply via email and include the following information along with a photograph of yourself. Entries are due Wednesday, June 19th!










3 words that describe you:


Person you would most like to meet:


Proudest Accomplishment:


How has Girl Scouts helped you become a leader?


Where do you see yourself at 25?:


Fill in the blank: 


                                                                    , because I am a Girl Scout.

(Please use a minimum of 10 words and a maximum of 20.)


Clue: For a strong submission, include a statement that tells us about your Girl Scout Leadership Experience!


Example 1: I learned how to swim at camp. Now I am a lifeguard, because I am a Girl Scout.


Example 2: My troop sold cookies. Then we traveled to DC to sing on the Washington Mall, because I am a Girl Scout.