Have you ever wanted to travel with your troop to Juliette Low’s birthplace? See a Broadway show and shop in Times Square? Climb Mt. Fuji and experience authentic Japanese cuisine? Visit all of the WAGGGS World Centers? All of these adventures and more are possible through the Girl Scout Travel Pathway!

GSEP Sponsored Trips
Short-term and extended trips that are planned and run by your local council. Individual girls can apply. International trips are for girls in grades 6-12. Check out our GSEP Sponsored trips below to GS National Convention in Ohio in 2017 and London in 2018!

Troop Trips
Trips planned by individual troops to locations within the USA or internationally. Leaders submit paperwork through their local council.

Destinations & Getaways
Interest-specific trips sponsored by GSUSA, located throughout the country and internationally. Individual girls in grades 6-12 can apply through their local council. Getaways are short term trips that troops/groups can attend.

Older Girl Travel Plan
Earn money to travel while selling cookies! These credits can be used towards approved troop trips, GSUSA Destinations/Getaways, and GSEP council-sponsored trips.

GSEP Sponsored Trips

Get ready to travel with GSEP! Travel gives you opportunities to learn about new cultures and meet new people. It also helps you develop valuable skills such as goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Who Can Go:

Individual girls and troops of girls are welcome to join. These trips are girl-only, and chaperones will be provided by GSEP according to safety ratios.

Upcoming Trips:

In 2017, our trip will be to Columbus, Ohio for the 2017 Girl Scout National Convention! There will be an application process for girls who are interested. Stay tuned for more info!

Pax LodgeIn 2018, our trip will be to Pax Lodge in London, EnglandRegister for the trip through our Online Registration System. After registering through GSEP, you will receive a follow-up email within two weeks with a formal online application through EF Tours to register for the program.

Want to see trip details before registering? Check out our tour page!

Sign up for our Hello London trip by the end of March 31st, 2017 to receive a $200 discount off your ticket!


Itinerary for the Trip:

Day 1: Fly overnight to England

Day 2: London

  • Meet your Tour Director at the airport
  • Take a walking tour of London
  • With your tour director you will see:
    • The Strand
    • Trafalgar Square
    • Leicester Square
    • Covent Garden

 Day 3: London

  • Take a city walk of London
  • Sights include:
    • Buckingham Palace
    • James’s Park
    • Number 10 Downing Street
    • Westminster Abbey
    • Houses of Parliament
    • Walk by the Girlguiding Commonwealth Headquarters
      • Participate in a theater workshop

 Day 4: London

  • Visit Pax Lodge in Hampstead
  • Take part in a pinning ceremony
  • Attend a theater performance

 Day 5: London

  • Visit the Tower of London
  • Participate in the Street Art Walk and Paint Jam Workshop

 Day 6: London

  • Visit Kensington Palace
  • Enjoy tea at the Orangery
  • Enjoy free time for shopping on Oxford Street
  • Have dinner with your group at Hard Rock Cafe

Day 7: Depart for home

Troop Trips

All forms are located here. For more information about troop travel, forms, and resources for planning a trip, check out the Travel Pathway Appendix in Volunteer Essentials.

GSEP Day Trip Application

For one-day trips or activities outside of your regular troop meeting time and/or place. Troop Leaders submit to SUM or SU Trip Advisor at least one week prior to trip.

GSEP Overnight Trip Application

For trips lasting 1-2 nights or 3 nights if over a holiday weekend or during the summer months (June-August). Troop Leaders submit to SUM or SU Trip Advisor at least one month prior to trip.

GSEP Extended Trip Application

For trips lasting 3 nights or longer. Extended trips require both a Proposal and a Final Submission to be submitted. One form now serves both purposes – check off “Proposal” at the top of the form for your proposal, and check off “Final Submission” for your final submission. Troop Leader submits to and notifies SUM or SU Trip Advisor.

  • For trips within GSEP, submit at least 3 months prior to trip
  • For trips outside of GSEP within the USA, submit at least 6 months prior to trip
  • For international trips, submit at least 12 months prior to trip
Final Submission
  • For trips within GSEP, submit at least 30 days prior to trip
  • For trips outside of GSEP within the USA, submit at least 60 days prior to trip
  • For international trips, submit at least 60 days prior to trip

Other Important Travel Forms & Documents

GSEP Volunteer Driver Form

Volunteer drivers submit to Troop Leader.

High Risk Permission Form

Parents fill out and turn in to Troop Leader if there are high risk activities on the trip.

Supplemental Insurance Form

Several different plans are available depending on your type of trip and desired coverage. Send form and payment to Human Resources at 330 Manor Road, Miquon, PA 19444 at least two weeks prior to your trip.

Certificate(s) of Insurance (COI)

These are required for any high risk activity on your trip. Submit COIs to Susan Schmalzried at

Destinations & Getaways

What is a Destination?

Destinations Destinations are one-to-two week travel events sponsored by Girl Scout councils around the country, by GSUSA and a partner such as Outward Bound, or by GSUSA and a WAGGGS country. Destinations are your chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone, make new friends to last a lifetime, and visit all the places you’ve dreamed about. There are six types of Destinations to explore!

  • International – Explore the world outside of the U.S.A.
  • Outdoors – Discover nature, from learning outdoor skills to Outward Bound challenges on land or sea.
  • Science – Experience science on a new level, like learning animal behavior or what it’s like to be a doctor.
  • People – Visit cities or country sides so you can experience the culture of new places.
  • Apprenticeships – Try a hands-on, real-life experience in a potential career field.
  • Getaways – Two-to-four-day events all over the country, that don’t require the Girl Scout Destinations application. These are for troops/small groups.

Where do I find a list of the Destinations?

Everything you need to know about Destinations can be found on the GSUSA website.

Who is eligible?

Most events are for girls in grade 6-12. However, some trips have different age restrictions. Check each Destination for the age requirement. Some Getaways allow younger girls.

How do I apply?

  1. Go to
  2. Download and complete an application for each event you wish to attend.
  3. Print two copies of the reference form and ask two people you know well to complete them. You can use the same letter for multiple applications.
  4. Send your application to or mail to Maggi Miller , PO Box 814, Valley Forge, PA 19482. Application must have a council signature, and must be sent to GSEP, not the Destination sponsor.
  5. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in early spring. Congratulations, and bon voyage!

When is the application deadline?

Applications for 2017 Destinations are still being accepted for limited Destinations! Please check the GSUSA website for Destinations with availability.

 Older Girl Travel Plan

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassador who sell at least 500 cookies can sign up for the Older Girl Travel Plan, an incentive where they earn money towards travel. Older Girl Travel Plan credits can be used towards approved troop trips, GSUSA Destinations/Getaways, and GSEP sponsored trips.

How many credits are earned for selling cookies?

Boxes Credits Earned
500-749 200
750-999 300
1,000-1,249 400
1,250-1,499 500
1,500-1,649 600
1,750-1,999 700
2,000-2,249 800
2,250-2,499 900
2,500-2,749 1,000
2,750-2,999 1,100
3,000+ 1,200

*The maximum credits that can be earned are 1,200 (3,000 boxes or more).

When do credits expire?

Credits are held for 2 membership years and expire on September 30th of the 2nd year.

*The credits earned during the 2017 cookie season expire September 30th, 2018.

*The credits earned during the 2016 cookie season expire September 30th, 2017.

How do I request to use my credits?

 The request process for Older Girl Travel Plan is now online! When you are ready to request your OGTP credits, complete the Older Girl Travel Plan Credit Request and attach the necessary documents as stated below. Check out the OGTP Process FAQ to help you get started on the online process.

Troop travel – Submit an invoice from the vendor that contains the name of the vendor, address of where payment is sent, and total cost of the trip. Please note that credits can only be used for approved troop trips. This information will be verified before credits are released. For information about the troop trip approval process, please see the Troop Trip section of this page or the Travel Appendix in Volunteer Essentials.

GSUSA Destinations – Submit an official Destination acceptance letter that contains the name of the girl attending, name/date of the Destination, total cost of the Destination, and address of where payment is sent.

GSEP Sponsored Trips – Submit an official acceptance letter that contains the name of the girl attending, name/date of the trip, and total cost of trip OR submit an invoice from the partnering travel company (ex. EF Tours) that contains the name of the girl attending, name of the trip, her account number, and total cost of the trip.

When will my credits be released?

Once your credit request is approved and you have provided the necessary documents via the request form, a check will be issued to the appropriate trip vendor. This process can take 3-5 weeks.

For any additional questions about Older Girl Travel Plan, please contact