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Gold Award

Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. It recognizes girls in grades 9 through 12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through remarkable “Take Action” projects that have sustainable impact in their communities and beyond. Since 1916, girls have successfully answered the call to “Go Gold!” an action that indelibly marks them as accomplished members of their communities and the world.



Read the Gold Award Guidelines and GSEP Gold Award Handbook and learn how to achieve this award:

·    Girl Scout Gold Award Guidelines or Gold Awards Web App

·     GSEP Gold Award Handbook

·      GoGold Take Action Project Ideas


Before you put your project into action, complete and submit your project proposal for approval:             

·    Girl Scout Award Proposal or complete it via the Gold Award Web App  

·    GSEP Gold Award proposal attachments


Once you have met your goal, complete and submit your final report to receive the Gold Award:

·    Girl Scout Gold Award Final Report or complete it via the Gold Award Web App

·      GSEP Gold Award Final Report attachments

·      Gold Award Recognition Form


Helpful tools for adults supporting girls through the Gold Award

·       Adult Gold Award guidelines




Request an Information Session

Complete and submit this form (click here to download Word file) to request an information session to learn more about the Highest Awards. 


2014 Achievement Ceremony

This year's Achievement Ceremony was held on April 27 in Valley Forge. Girl Scouts, volunteers, parents, and family got together to celebrate the accomplishments of the Council. Natalye Paquin, CEO, and Ann Thornton Field, Board Chair honored the 38 Gold Award recipients, who received the highest Girl Scout honor. To check out this year's Gold Awardees and learn about their Gold Award projects, read the 2014 Girl Scout Achievement Ceremony Program.


When Can I Start?

You can begin working on the Gold Award once you have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys or earned the Silver Award and completed one Senior or Ambassador Journey!  Everything you need to know is in the GSUSA Girl Guidelines and the GSEP Gold Award Handbook. Reading the Guidelines and completing the suggested activities will help you develop a project. The GSEP Gold Award handbook helps you understand the GSEP forms and process.


Please note, Take Action Workshops and the Gold Award Information Sessions are not mandatory. Log into the Web App and get started today!



Contact Victoria Laird for girl support, workshops and information sessions.


Contact Joan Hannahoe regarding the committee approval, interviews and presentations, and donations.