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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Our family has never been to a triathlon or duathlon before. What can we expect?

A triathlon or duathlon typically consists of threesports in a single race. Triathlon consists of a swim, a bike, and a run…usually in that order. Duathlon consists of a run, a bike and a run…in that order. The three sports are completed back-to-back with “transitions” in-between (to change shoes, pick-up or drop-off bike, put sneakers on, etc.).


What should my athlete bring to the race?

Visit the Race Day Checklist  for required and recommended gear your athlete should bring on race day.


What is a Transition Area?

This is the main area at the race site where your athlete will place their bike and setup their assigned area to “transition” from the swim to bike, and then the bike to run. 


Are Scout Leaders/Parents allowed in the Transition Area?

Only athletes, the KidzTri3 crew and assigned volunteers are permitted in the Transition Area. We appreciate your cooperation.


How do you organize the swim?

Athletes will be swimming in the French Creek pool.  They will enter one-by-one in a time trial start. Our team will send each athlete into the water as athletes exit the pool to ensure the pool is not overcrowded and athletes have plenty of room to swim.


Are swim aids allowed?

No.  This event is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event and swim aids are not permitted, as outlined in the competitive rules.


What kind of bike should my child use?

Road bikes or mountain bikes are permitted. No training wheels or aero bars. The bike course is closed and on paved roads.


I have two athletes who plan on competing in the triathlon. Can they use the same bike if they are in different age groups?

No. Although we start the age groups separately, there is no guarantee that one athlete will have the bike back in time for the next athlete to use for their race.


How is the race timed?

We use chip timing technology. Each athlete will wear a timing chip around their ankle during the entire race. The timing chip will record your athlete’s finish time. We will distribute chips at packet pickup and chips are retrieved from every athlete after they cross the finish line. 


What age group begins first?

The youngest age group starts first.


What should my athlete wear for the race?

It’s really a matter of preference. Some athletes wear swimsuits the entire race, some put shorts and shirts over their swimsuits after the swim. It’s really whatever they feel comfortable doing.


Is there a place for my athlete to change clothes during the race?

No.  Whatever clothing your athlete wears to start the race is what they wear to finish the race.  Every athlete must display their race bib number on the front of their body (either pinned or worn on a race belt) during the run portion of the event. Some other race gear your athlete may want to use is … swim goggles, towel, sun screen, sun glasses, hat, water bottle. Remember your bike helmet! All athletes must wear a bike helmet when on their bike.


Does my athlete need to train for this race?

Your athlete should practice “transitioning” from the swim to the bike and from the bike to the run.  What that entails is coming from the swim, putting on top and shorts (if desired), sneakers or bike shoes, helmet and getting out on the bike course.  Then coming from the bike course, taking off helmet, putting on sunglasses, hat, race belt, etc., and then going for a run and through the finish line! 


Can I accompany my child on the race course?

French Creek is a spectator friendly venue, but we ask that you stay off the race course. We will have plenty of volunteers on the course to direct and ensure the safety of your athlete. If you would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail to dmoelter@gsep.org


Does my athlete need to bring any food or drink?

There will also be plenty of complimentary food and drinks for the athletes available after the race.



If you don’t see what you’re looking for and have specific questions about the race, email the Race Director Kim@KidzTri3.com.  If you have specific program questions about this event, email the Program Manager kgable@gsep.org.