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Earn Athletic Badges
Earn Athletic Badges

Earn Athletic Badges


Three Ways Girl Scouts helps girls become leaders through sports and in their lives:

1. Legacy Athlete Badges that Change Girls' Lives

2. Girls Learn to Earn Their Own Sports Badges

3. Girls Connect with Sports Online


Legacy Athletic Badges

All girls who participate in Girlz Tri.Du.Rule! will receive patch and also have the opportunity to earn a Legacy Athletic badge which can can be worn on the front of your uniform! 

GSEP has created a plan to help girls who are Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors earn their Legacy Athletic badges by participating in  Girlz Tri.Du.Rule! 


Earn the Brownie Fair Play Badge


Earn the Junior Practice With a Purpose Badge


Earn the Cadette Good Sportsmanship Badge


Earn the Senior Cross-Training Badge


Make Your Own Badge

In addition, getting out there and completing the Girlz Tri.Du.Rule! is a great way for girls to create and earn their very own sports badge!  Through our Make Your Own badge program, girls can customize their own sports badges. You decide what skills they want to learn, create and complete the steps to earn the badge, and have fun designing a badge that is uniquely yours. Visit GSMakeYourOwn.com for tips.


Connect with Sports Online


Lastly, girls can connect with sports online! Post pictures of yourself in action or share a success story  Upload your photo from your computer, Smartphone, and through Instagram or Twitter using #GSSports and #GSTriathlon