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Valley Forge Service Center and Retail Shop Construction

Beginning Friday, June 8, the Valley Forge Service Center and Retail Shop will be under construction. Thank you for your patience as we improve the space to make it more girl-friendly and welcoming! We anticipate this project will take between four and six weeks, and we will send an email once the renovation is complete. Make sure to come by and check us out!

Valley Forge Shop
Starting this Friday, the Valley Forge Shop will temporarily be located in the basement of the service center, with an entrance at the loading dock. Visitors should follow the detour signs at the front of the building to locate the shop. Shop hours will not be impacted, but we will have a limited number of items available for browsing in this temporary space.

For an easy shopping experience at Valley Forge, place an order with us ahead of time! Email at least one day prior to your desired pick up date with order details and we’ll make sure to have it ready for you.

Valley Forge Day Camp Drop Off and Pick Up
Camp drop off and pick up will not be impacted by the construction. Parents should adhere to the transportation instructions as outlined in the Valley Forge Camp Confirmation Packet.

Valley Forge Camp Trading Post 
Shopping at the Camp Trading Post will not be impacted. Campers will be able to shop a fully stocked Trading Post in the temporary location.

Meetings, Trainings, and Events at Valley Forge
Unless communicated otherwise by your event's organizer, follow detour signs to enter the building via the back door of the basement entrance. The elevator will also be accessible.