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Order Catalog

Looking for Girl Scout flyers or yard signs? Looking to attend a community event or want to place an ad in your local newspaper? We've got ya covered!

Check out our order catalog below, organized by customizable items, registration event materials, or grassroots advertising requests. Click on each item to view it larger.

Interested in purchasing an ad to run in your local newspaper or want us to help pay for a table at an upcoming community event? We can help with that too! Those types of orders are considered 'grassroots marketing' requests. 

To submit your order for materials or grassroots marketing requests, complete this form. Please note: requests for print materials must be placed two weeks prior to desired delivery date. Grassroots marketing requests may take 4-6 weeks to fulfill, depending on the specific request. Questions? Email us at with the subject line "order catalog". 

Customizable Items
Registration Event Items
Seasonal Recruitment Items

Launch to Daisies Customizable Flyer  (make sure to note if you need a program kit as well. Council must be aware of your program in order to receive kit.)

Grassroots Marketing

Under the 'grassroots marketing' option on the order form, write in the field what your request is for. Examples are:

  • Ad in local newspaper or community bulletin 
  • Sign or display (at church, on movie theatre, etc.)
  • Blurb for township newsletter 
  • Social media ad (Facebook, Instagram) for upcoming event 
  • Tabling event request 
  • Other

We will be in touch with you within 48 hours to get more details regarding your request.

To submit your order, click here