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1917 Donate

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the first Girl Scout council in our nine-county footprint. Help us celebrate this milestone by becoming an inaugural member of our 1917 Club!

The first 100 years of our council have been amazing. We've supported hundreds of thousands girls of who have changed the world. In 1917, girls helped the war effort by assembling resources for the military. Today, Girl Scouts are encouraged to be Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers and Leaders.

The 1917 Club is a monthly giving club that provides you with the opportunity to support innovative experiences through health and wellness, STEM, outdoor and leadership programming.

Your $19.17 monthly donation provides:

* Two girls per month with their Girl Scout Journey curriculum books (that’s reaching 24 girls each year just with your gift!)
* One girl per month with her Girl Scout vest/sash
* One girl per month with her Girl Guide

 Join the 1917 Club today and ensure that the Girl Scout Leadership Experience continues to be available to future generations of Girl Scouts who will gain the courage, confidence and character to be the leader the world needs them to be.