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Book Donation Drive with American Association of University Women

April 2nd is International Children’s Book Day! If you’re thankful for the books in your life, help us with this important GSEP Take Action Project during the month of April.

We are teaming up with our friends at American Association of University Women, West Chester, and we need your help! Together, we will fill the Laundromat Library League’s “Library Boxes” at laundromats with children's books, especially books featuring girl protagonists and women and girls from all backgrounds. Spanish language books are in high demand!

Interested? Download these labels (or pick some up at your next visit to one of our retail shops), and affix them to the children's books you’d like to donate. Fill out the label and include a few sentences about why you love it and why you want to donate it then drop it off at any service center during the month of April. 

**Please note that labels are formatted to be printed on rectangular 3.33 x 4 shipping stickers.**

There are nearly 100 LLLs in Eastern PA. The Laundromat Library League is a collection of diverse organizations that are making children’s books available to homes in which there may be few or none. To learn more about The Laundromat Library League visit their website.