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Recognitions are broadly classified into two main plans: Plan 1 and Plan 2.  


Plan 1 is further divided into three plans:

  • Cumulative Plan: This plan is offered to all grade levels and features themed items such as the patch, stuffed animal, Girl Scout membership voucher, etc.
  • Adventure Credit Plan: This plan is offered to all grade levels, but is not cumulative. An individual girl should sell more than 200 packages to be eligible to receive Adventure Credits. A girl will earn all the patches she is eligible for and a credit voucher that can be used towards purchases in GSEP retail stores, GSEP programs/events, summer camps. These are non-transferable.
  • Older girl travel plan: Exclusively for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors, girls must sell 500+ packages to be eligible for this plan. 

To see a complete listing of all the Cumulative recognitions, please click here. 


Plan 2: Older Girl Proceed Plan

This plan is exclusively for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. The troop must reach a Per Girl Average (PGA) of 160 packages. This option provides an additional $0.05 per package profit in lieu of recognitions. Each girl will receive all patches they have earned. If this option is chosen, it applies to the entire troop and must be a troop decision.


Troop Cookie Managers:

Click here to view/download instructions for creating a recognition order in Snap.
Click here for detailed instructions for ordering the Goal Getter, Online, and Gluten Free Patches.

Click here for a video about how to create a recognition order in Snap.