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Operation Cookies From Home
Operation Cookies From Home

Operation Cookies From Home

Operation Cookies from Home (OCFH) is a partnership between GSEP and the USO to provide Girl Scout Cookies to men and women serving in the U.S. Military. Throughout the Cookie Program, customers have the opportunity to donate any amount of money, or a package of cookies. A girl that collects $4.00 will receive credit for selling one package, and the troop will also receive profit. All funds collected or donated to the OCFH should be deposited into your troop’s account. At the end of the Cookie Program, the TCM will tally the money donated to OCFH to determine their troop’s contributions.


There are two ways of completing the troop's OCFH orders:

  • If the troop and Service Unit does not have access to inventory, the TCM can place a troop-to-troop transfer from the OCFH Troop. This will act as a virtual transfer of packages. This transfer into your troop will increase the balance your troop will owe to GSEP to cover the funds your troop collected. You will not need drop off any inventory. 

  • If the troop has leftover inventory, they can choose to gather these packages and deliver them to a specified OCFH drop-off location. OCFH drop-off location details are listed below. More information will be available closer to the drop-off date


Troops can now pick up Operation Cookies from Home poster and a jar wrap from their nearest Service Center location. 


Troop Cookie Managers: Click here to download detailed instructions for entering OCFH transactions in Snap.