Nuts About Reading

Nuts About Reading (NAR) is a council-sponsored program that offers girls a way to earn troop proceeds right at the start of the year! This program is a great warm up activity for the 2017 Cookie Program (troops that participate in NAR sell more cookies than troops that don’t!).


NAR Wrap Up!  The 2016 NAR Sale ended on November 20. Thank you for your efforts and a great NAR season! Please visit us in summer 2017 for next year’s program details. To provide your feedback of this years sale, and to help make the sale better for your troops, please take this short survey.

NEW shoe laces in sneakers

Hello Volunteers! Check out this message from QSP/Ashdon Farms that may affect your NAR recognition selection:

“Due to an unforeseen circumstance with our elastic shoelace vendor we will be offering to replace this item with GSUSA-approved durable silicone colorful shoelaces.

It will take approximately 60 days for our new vendor to send us this new item, which means that there will be a delivery delay of this item to SUNARs/troops/girls to early January.  We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Because of this matter, girls who have chosen this item as a recognition item may choose to wait until the expected delivery date of early January or may switch to receive the silicone bracelet.

Shout out to all of the troops that participated. We thank you for a great program.


NAR Dates

  • October 28: NUT-E locks down for TNARs
  • October 30: NUT-E locks down for SUNARs
  • October 31: Paperwork ships to QSP
  • Week of November 14: Products delivered
  • November 20: Online sales end
  • December 8: Sweep
  • December 14-18: Recognitions delivered to Service Unit Nuts About Reading volunteer (SUNAR)

NAR and Cookie Incentive!



NAR Rally Guide 

Service Unit Nuts About Reading Manager (SUNAR) Agreement

Troop Nuts About Reading Manager (TNAR) Agreement

NAR Girl Permission Form

Fall 2016 TNAR Manager Guide: This guide has all the information a Troop Nuts About Reading Manager needs to facilitate the program for your girls!

Fall 2016 Family Guide


2016 SUNAR Training Video