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Nuts About Reading  2012 Resources
Nuts About Reading  2012 Resources

Nuts About Reading 2012 Resources

Troops/groups are encouraged to participate in GSEP Product Programs. Please note that groups/troops wishing to secure outside fundraisers must participate in both the Cookie Program and the Nuts About Reading Program in order to qualify for approval of additional fundraising. During the course of GSEP Product Programs, no outside fundraisers are permitted; any group money-earning should not compete with Girl Scout Product Programs.



2012 Nuts About Reading Program:

What Can a Girl Do?

Give your troop a jump-start on proceeds to support your program year by selling nuts, candy and magazine subscriptions. They make great holiday gifts, and you’ll go NUTS about how easy it is! The Nuts About Reading Program runs from September 17, 2012 through October 22, 2012.

For Girls and Families!

Be a Reader Interactive Activities

Click the image above for a link to cool games and fun activities to help you learn to invest in a successful future. These interactive activities are appropriate for all age-levels!


Family Guide

As parents and guardians, you play a key role in your Girl Scout's success. If you understand the various Nuts About Reading Program components, you will be able to unlock this program's potential to provide your Girl Scout with important life skills such as financial literacy and goal-setting. Here are some ways that you can help your Girl Scout to succeed:

  • Visit the QSP Online/Nut Program and help her send emails to friends and families to purchase magazines online--plus, if she sends out 12 emails, she'll receive the "Online Marketing" Patch!

  • Visit the Ashdon Farms GSI web site and the Be a Reader web site with her and explore the fun, interractive activities related to the Nuts About Reading Program.

  • Encourage her to set a goal and support her efforts to acheive this goal!
  • Also, if your Girl Scout completes and submits the address booklet included in the Girl Packet, she will earn the "Together to the Top" patch and earn $3.00 for her troop.

For Volunteers

Web Sites

As Girl Scout volunteer members involved in the Nuts About Reading Program, it is important to know about the different web sites that are paramount for the success of the program. Below, we have outlined the various links and their content.

  • nut-E 2.0: Here Nuts About Reading Volunteers can login to their account to place nut and candy orders, record magazine orders and create recognition orders for the girls in their troop.

  • What Can a Girl Do: This web site contains activities and downloads, plus selling and safety tips.

  • Be a Reader: This web site is full of engaging activities for girls of all ages.

  • QSP Online/Nut Program: Here girls can create an account to send online requests for friends and family members to purchase nuts and candy. By sending 12 or more emails, she will receive the Online Marketing Patch.  Please note that at the end of the program, she will need to print off the "Detailed Order Report" and turn this in to her Troop Nuts About Reading Manager to get credit for the orders that she has received.








We are no longer encouraging booths for the Nuts About Reading Program. If your troop is planning on holding a booth at a community event, please reach out to Alex Dadio at adadio@gsep.org. Nuts and candy will no longer be able to be returned to council and will now be the troops responsibility. 



Service Units and Troops are encouraged to host Nuts About Reading Rallies. A Nuts About Reading Rally will not only be a fun learning experience for the girls, but it will also motivate them to take action toward a successful Nuts About Reading Program. Download the Rally Guide (Large Download).


This year, GSEP will be hosting a Nuts About Reading Rally for girls in grades 2-5. This event will be held at the Valley Forge Service Center on September 22, 2012 from 1:00-4:00 PM. Online registration will be available after August 5, 2012 through our eBiz portal.


Troop Training Slideshow and Online Troop Training


Feel free to use this Troop Level Slideshow (Large Download) to assist you throughout the program. If you have missed your Nuts About Reading training, or would like to freshen up on the program, please view our Online Troop Training.

Important Dates

Click here to see important dates throughout the 2012 Nuts About Reading Program.