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Gluten-Free FAQ
Gluten-Free FAQ

Gluten-Free FAQ

                The gluten-free Pilot Program is back for the 2nd year!


Gluten-free cookies are back and better than ever! ABC Bakers is excited to introduce a new flavor for the 2015 gluten-free Pilot! The new Trio is a delicious combination of peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chip.  And - this year there will be increased troop proceeds!  Check out the FAQs below.  If you have additional questions, please contact cookies@gsep.org


Why is there a new gluten-free cookie (Trio)?

Girl Scouts and ABC Bakers are working with a new gluten-free bakery this year that will bake the cookies for us. The bakery created the recipe for the Trio and the ingredients make for a yummy cookie! The peanut butter helps to hold the oats and chocolate together (and the actual cookie will be a bigger size this year!).


Why do we need to pre-order the gluten-free cookies now?

A small family-run bakery will supply the Trios, and they need to receive the orders early (by October 1) so they know how many to bake. We are proud to support this family-run business. In fact, the Girl Scouts have expanded the bakery’s financial success -- we make up about 40% of their business!


Why online orders?

Our goal is order accuracy! Now, leaders can conveniently access their order information in Online Registration (number of cases, pick-up details). By ordering the gluten-free cookies NOW, troops have time to create their gluten- free cookie business plan and order the amount that fits their troop best.


Why is there a separate pick up for gluten-free orders?

By picking up your order separately, your cookies are guaranteed to be there and waiting! If you are unable to make the times listed in your order, contact cookies@gsep.org to make other arrangements.


If I place an order of gluten-free cookies now will the order transfer with me if I move to a new troop number in the fall?

Yes! Yoour order will automatically adjust to these changes and your cookie order will remain with your account.


How do I place an order for multiple troops?

The Online Registration System only allows for one order per person. To place an order for another troop, please have the assistant leader place the order, or email it to cookies@gsep.org.  Please be sure to include all order details such as the number of cases, the pick-up location, troop number, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.