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 *Sale wrap-up reminders and upcoming dates*


April 3: TCM Recognition Orders Due (All inventory MUST be transferred from troop to girls)

April 5: SU Recognition Orders Due

April 9: T-5 (Parent Delinquency) Form Due

April 21: Troop Balance Summary Due


Important Dates

Week of October 10: Supplies mailed to SUCMs
October 15, October 22: SUCM training
October 31: Booth Lottery Opens
November 21: Booth Lottery Closes
December 5: Troop Initial Order Due
December 7: SU Initial Order Due
January 4: First come, first serve booths open (limit of 4)
January 7-15: Mega Drops/Home Deliveries
January 11: First come, first serve booths open (no limit) 10 a.m.
January 19: Cookie Program Starts
February 2: Sweep 1
February 4-5: WaWa Weekend
February 24-26: National Cookie Weekend
February 26: Cookie Crunch
March 2: Sweep 2
March 12: Cookie Program Ends
March 18: OCFH Drop- Berks, DelCo, Philadelphia
March 23: Sweep 3
March 25: OCFH Drop- SR, VF, LV
April 9: T-5 parent debt form deadline
June 11 & 25: 500 Club Picnic (June 11 – Lunch and parking included / June 25 – Only park entrance included)
June 23: Mystery Tour

Click here for the Mega Drop Schedule


Cookie Troop 100- Participate and Win!

2017 Cookie Program Training


How to request a booth in the lottery


2017 Cookie Manual
2017 Corporate Resolution Letter and Form (redirects to Forms page, visit Financial Forms section)
Creating Recognition Orders in Snap
100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts Selling Cookies Logo
Buy 5 Club Member Card
Buy 5 Club – Poster
OCFH – Printable Poster
OCFH Donation Receipt
Operation Cookies From Home

SU Challenge Calculation Sheet – 2017
2017 Recognitions  T-Shirt sizes – Youth: S (6-8); M (10-12); L (14-16) / Adult: S (34-36); M (38-40); L (42-44); XL (46-50); XXL (50-52)
2017 Planned and Unplanned Order Schedule- Calendar
2017 Planned and Unplanned Order– Excel
2017 Planner and Unplanned Order schedule– PDF Listings 
Girl Scout Cookie Program Training PowerPoint
Booth Location Setup
Septa Permit
Cookie Booth Control Sheet
Rita’s Booth Inventory Sheet
Rita’s Booth Setup Guidelines
Montgomery Mall Booth Inventory Sheet
Saxbys Booth Inventory Sheet
Lehigh Valley Mall Booth Inventory Sheet


Cookie Troop 100!Troop100Mark_Final (1)

In honor of 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies, Girl Scouts of the USA’s Cookie Troop 100 challenge is an opportunity to get girls excited and allow them to join a nationwide celebration while earning a chance to win cool prizes to help with their cookie Take Action or service projects.

One lucky troop from EVERY council across the country will win $100 each and one VERY lucky troop will win $3,000 to support their cookie project!

You can participate in 4 easy steps:

1) Set a troop goal and share the plan for your cookie money
2) earn a Cookie Business badge
3) As a troop, ask 100 new customers to buy cookies
4) Bling your booth

Once all the steps are completed, ask your troop leader to help you submit your entry to to unlock your patch, and enter for a chance to win cash! Learn more here.

Calling all older #cookiebosses!

Select the Older Girl Travel Plan when you sell this year and you can save up to go to London with us in 2018. Learn all about it here!


Q: COCODirect sales were transferred into my troop’s Snap+ account. How do I see the sale information? A: There are a few ways to view the transfer information in Snap+:

  • The Troop can see the COCOdirect sales credited to girls in the Girl Balance Summary report. The COCOdirect number is noted in the reference field; this number will correspond to the order number the girl can see in her COCO account.
  • To see the exact variety transferred in, you can pull the Girl Cookie Order Detail Summary report. This will also include the reference number. Additionally, it will provide a list of the cookie flavors that were sold.
  • The Troop can also see the transfers on the manage orders grid if they filter by T2G transfers.

Q: My troop has Operation Cookies From Home donations. How should these be handled in Snap+?
A: Check out the detailed instructions: Operation Cookies From Home Instructions

Q: How will my troop benefit from participating?
A: The cookie program provides important ingredients for leadership by helping girls develop five key skills; Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics. Girls are able to earn money towards fun and exciting girl-planned program activities, as well as contribute to their council’s ability to provide Girl Scouting in the community. Girls can also earn fun recognitions and patches, credit which can be used in the shop or for membership, or can even be used towards summer camp!

Q: What if I miss a deadline?
A: GSEP is unable to honor requests after deadlines have been passed. We appreciate your timely efforts and understanding.