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Cookie Recognition Plans
Cookie Recognition Plans

Cookie Recognition Plans


The Cookie Program is about setting and reaching goals. The Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) is a girl’s resource for helping the troop reach its goal and assisting each girl in her personal goals. Each incentive that a girl earns is a testament to her own determination and the strong support of her TCM. There are several options for incentives—girls have to make the choice that best suits their goals.

Recognition Delivery

Please note that Mystery Tour Invitations will be mailed out on 3/20/13, directly to the qualifying girl.


The following recognitions will be mailed out to Troop Leaders by April 12, 2013:

  • Adventure Credit Vouchers
  • Membership Vouchers
  • 500 Club Picnic Invitations

Each of these items will include the girl’s name and should be distributed by the troop leader to the girls as soon as possible, as some of the girls would like to use these vouchers immediately.


Older Girl Travel Vouchers will remain at GSEP with Barb Bankert. If your Girl Scout qualified for the Older Girl Travel plan, please don't hesitate to call Barb Bankert with any questions at bbankert@gsep.org or 215-564-2030 extension 1026.


Other recognition items will be shipped to the SUCMs sometime in May. The SUCM will be provided with a spreadsheet indicating which recognition items should go to which troop.


Thank You certificates can be printed and distributed to girls who participated in the 2013 Cookie Program:


Thank You Certificate 1

Thank You Certificate 1 (PDF)

Thank You Certificate 2

Thank You Certificate 2 (PDF)

Thank You Certificate 3

Thank You Certificate 3 (PDF)

Cumulative Plan

This year's cumulative recognition plan features dolphin-themed items and include high ticket items such as Sweatshirts, Tee-shirts and Shorts. All of the cumulative items are shown on the Cookie Order Form.

Older Girl Travel Plan

The Older Girl Travel Plan is a non-cumulative recognition that can only be earned by registered Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassador Girl Scouts. This recognition gives older girls the option to earn money to be used toward troop-based programs, trips or Destinations® offered by GSUSA.  Click here for more information. The deadline for choosing this incentive for the 2013 Cookie Program is January 1st, 2013.

Adventure Credit Plan

We will be lowering the Adventure Credits so girls can now qualify for Adventure Credits at the 200 package level. Adventure Credits may be used for purchases in GSEP Shops (girls and parents only; leaders are not permitted to use girls’ credits), GSEP Summer Camp Trading Posts, GSEP Programs and Events, Gold and Silver Award expenses or GSEP Summer Camp and Neighborhood Day Camp registraion. Girls will still earn patches, but will receive credits instead of incentives. These credits cannot be combined with any other plan and will expire October 31, 2013. Credits may not be converted back to cash. Credits are also non transferrable among girls. 

The Older Girl Option

The Older Girl Option for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, provides an additional $.05 per box profit in lieu of incentives. The troop must reach a per girl average of 136 boxes. If this option is chosen, it applies to the entire troop and must be a troop decision.