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Cookie Booths (pre-extension)

Council-Sponsored Cookie Booth Feedback Survey

If you are participating in a Council-Cookie Booth, please complete the Council-Sponsored Cookie Booth Feedback Survey for each of your booths.


Council-Sponsored Cookie Booths

Council-Sponsored Cookie Booths are booths secured by GSEP staff and are located in high-volume or high-profile locations. These booths are scheduled for troops throughout our Council area via computer selection and are open to all troops regardless of Service Unit Boundaries. The purpose of Council-Sponsored Cookie Booths is to allow all troops equal access to high-volume locations and allow all girls the opportunity to participate in booth sales. Council-Sponsored Cookie Booths include the following, as determined by the Product Program Advisory Council (PPAC): malls, transit stations, museums, large-scale events, and collegiate and professional sporting events.


Click on the categories below for detailed information on each Council-Sponsored Cookie Booth.

SEPTA Transit Stations Troops will need to carry a permit with them when participating in a SEPTA Cookie Booth. If you have not received this permit via email by January 16, please contact Alex Dadio at adadio@gsep.org. With the possibility of construction, some SEPTA booths may have to be cancelled. If this is the case and you have been awarded one of these booths, you will be notified by email of the booth's cancellation.


Philadelphia Flower Show




If participating in Exton Square Mall Booths, please review the rules and regulations for these malls by clicking on the links below:


Exton Square Mall Rules and Regulations


If participating in Willow Grove Mall Booths, please review the rules and regulations for these malls by clicking on the links below:


Willow Grove Mall Rules and Regulations


Locations we have tried but are not permitted to hold booths due to:

  • Policiy of No Soliciation: Target, Ikea, Wegmans, Best Buy, Pennsylvania Turnpike Rest Stations, Kohl's Department Stores
  • Contracts with Competing Food Companies: Lehigh Valley Mall
  • Exorbitant Rental Fees: Oxford Valley Mall, Granite Run Mall, Montgomeryville Mall
  • Past Behaviorial Issues: Cabela's, Vanity Fair Outlet
  • Federal Regulations: Lehigh Valley Airport

For any questions regarding Council Cookie Booths, please contact Alex Dadio at  adadio@gsep.org

District Booths

Districts refer to the geographical region in Council. They consist of the 500’s, 600’s and 700’s. District Booths are new this year.  These booths are higher traffic locations such as malls and local recreational areas that service a larger community than just a Service Unit. District Booths are open to all troops within the District regardless of Service Unit boundaries. All troops participating in District Booths will be required to provide feedback to the District Booth Manager. This feedback will be used to continually improve the process and to provide troops with valuable information pertaining to that specific booth. Troops not following all rules or not providing feedback will not be allowed to participate in District Booths the following year.  


A limited number of district booths will be scheduled via a combined process of email requests and lottery systems, as a trial this year.The following are district booths in 2012:

  • Plymouth Meeting Mall--please review the Plymouth Meeting Mall Rules and Regulations before your booth.
  • Palmer Park Mall
  • Crayola Factory
  • Lehigh Valley Service Center--outside booth; table is not provided; booth location in between Lehigh Valley Service Center and Home Depot. For inclement weather, booth location will be at Oral Dynamics across the street from the Lehigh Valley Service Center.

The District Booth Selection Process is now closed. If you have applied for a district booth, you will notified by December 20, 2011.

Service Unit Cookie Booths

All booths outside of Council-Sponsored Cookie Booths are Service Unit Cookie Booths. These booths are established by the Service Unit Cookie Manager (SUCM) or Service Unit Cookie Booth Manager (SUCBM) within each respective Service Unit area. Troops within the Service Unit can contact their SUCM or SUCBM to schedule Service Unit Cookie Booths. Each Service Unit handles the process of establishing and scheduling cookie booths differently. Please contact your SUCM or SUCBM for more information.



ACME has now given corporate permission for troops to sell at ACME stores. The permission is for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the Cookie Program from January 19 through March 4. Service Unit Cookie Booth Managers will need to approach their individual stores for specific permission for that store and to work out the specific details pertaining to set up and booth timeslots. Please see the list of participating ACME stores.



Here is the list of participating Wawa Markets for the 2012 Cookie Program. See below for information regarding Wawa Cookie Booths:

  • Wawa Corporate will be sending a confirmation letter to their store managers by January 27, alerting them to the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

  • Specified Dates: February 11 and February 12

  • Specified Time Slots: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This timeframe is firm. Service Units can decide how they'd like to break up timeslots between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. All Wawa booths will be located outside of the store, so please tell your troops to dress accordingly. 

  • Wawa will not supply tables and chairs. Your troops will need to bring their own.

  • Message from Wawa concerning Cookie Booths: "Individuals that will be representing your organization during solicitation must be at least 10 feet away from the main entrance door and remain in the location designated by the Store Manager on Duty. No solicitation is permitted inside the store. A solicitor’s vehicle must be parked in the space directly in front of the solicitors and must remain there unless the manager requests that it be moved. An adult must be present at all times if minors are making the solicitation (only two minors are permitted at any time). All participants agree to abide by all rules and restrictions imposed generally by Wawa or by the Store Manager on duty. The solicitation must be limited between the hours of 10:00 am – 2:00 pm."

It is the responsibility of Service Unit Cookie Managers or Service Unit Cookie Booth Managers to schedule troops to fill the 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM time slots for February 11 and 12 at Wawa.


Redner's Markets, Inc.

Here is the list of participating Redner's for the 2012 Cookie Program. See below for information regarding Redner's Cookie Booths:

  • Service Unit Cookie Managers or Service Unit Cookie Booth Managers should schedule troops to hold Cookie Booths at Redner's located within their Service Unit boundaries, beginning January 19 through March 4.

  • Redner's will not supply tables and chairs. Your troops will need to bring their own. 

Service Unit Cookie Managers or Service Unit Cookie Booth Managers must send an email request to Jenn Hurter of Redner's Markets, Inc. at Jlhurter@rednersmarkets.com with the following information:

  • Proposed dates and times
  • Store location within your Service Unit

Boscov's--Information soon to come!


Wal-Marts and Sam's Clubs

Unless you have been informed otherwise, all Sam's Clubs and Wal-Marts are Service Unit Booths.


Boundaries, Restrictions and Other Important Information

  • Service Unit Cookie Booths must be located within your Service Unit boundaries.  If you have questions about your Service Unit boundaries, please contact your Membership Manager.

  • If you have an idea about a local booth in your Service Unit, please consult your SUCM or SUCBM.

  • Violations of the above will result in the loss of booth privileges.

  • Some Service Units don’t have many (if any!) commercial locations where cookie booths can be held. When establishing your Service Unit Booth schedule, please consider contacting your surrounding Service Units and offering them some of your Service Unit Booth time slots. Remember, if you do this, you could earn extra points on your Service Unit Cookie Program Challenge.

Booth Locator Information

Our Booth Locator allows customers to find cookie booths throughout GSEP. Service Unit Cookie Managers should complete the Master Booth Loator Spreadsheet Template and email to Alex Dadio at adadio@gsep.org.

Cookie Booth Forms and Documents

Cookie Booth Agreement Form

Cookie Booth Request Letter

ABC's Volunteer Guide to Booth Sales

ABC's Volunteer Guide to Booth Sales--Certificate

ABC's Volunteer Guide to Booth Sales--Ettiquette Pledge

ABC's Volunteer Guide to Booth Sales--Thank You Card

Cookie Booth Control Sheet

Participating Redner's Markets, Inc.

Participating Wawas

Participating ACME Stores

Council-sponsored Cookie Booth Lottery Information Worksheet

Booth Locator Instruction Worksheet

Master Booth Locator Spreadsheet Template