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Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat

"I know some good games we could play..." said the Cat in the Hat. See what happens on a rainy day when mom is away and the Cat in the Hat bursts through the door with his trickiest of tricks, including the acrobatic Thing One and Thing Two! Watch this exciting show and explore the skills it takes to be an actress or a playwright in hands-on workshops presented by skilled teachers and actors from the Arden Drama School. Be sure to bring your camera-you'll get a sneak peak at the backstage area and meet the five actors who bring this favorite story to life at The Arden Theatre. Bring a bagged lunch to the 11am-3pm program. *Includes snack and Event Patch.

Date:April 26, 2014
Time:11am-3pm OR 1:30-6pm
Program Level:
Location:The Arden Theatre 40 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia
Fee:$22 per girl, $24 per adult
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