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Martin Guitar...Music to My Ears

Spend the morning at C.F. Martin & Co learning all about guitars and the family business. During a Girl Scout exclusive factory tour, you will get to witness firsthand the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into each and every guitar they manufacture. A guided tour of the museum will describe how events in world history defined music history and Martin history over the last 180 years. A guitar clinic tailored specifically for you will be conducted every hour. Put your musical skills to the test on "The Play Me Wall" where you can play new guitar models and some of Martin's best-known and top-selling guitars. Don't worry if you can't play guitar-musical knowledge is not required! Earn requirements towards you Musician Badge.

Date:April 21, 2014
Program Level:
Location:Martin Guitar 510 Sycamore Street, Nazareth
Fee:$3 per girl
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