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Go Gaga for Camp

Have you been thinking about trying overnight camp but are not sure what to expect? Come to this program and spend the weekend getting to know camp! You will experience a campfire, eat in the dining hall, play games and even get a chance to help build the camp gaga pit (and then be among the first to use it)! By the end of the weekend you will be counting down the days until you come back to camp this summer! This program is open to girls in troops as well as individual girls. Individuals girls must be accompanied by an adult. All adults must have a satisfactory background check to participate in the program. *Includes all accommodations and food.

Date:April 11, 2014
Time:Friday, April 11, 5pm-Saturday, April 12, 5pm
Program Level:
Location:Camp Laughing Waters, Gilbertsville
Fee:$45 per person
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