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Imagining Your Past

Most people living in the United States today have someone in their family who was an immigrant, maybe your great grandparents, your parents, or even you! Immigration now is very different from the past. Explore the process new immigrants experienced when they entered the United States in the late 1800s to start a new life. Prepare to start your life in America as you receive your new immigrant identity. Explore steerage, the part of the ship where passage was the cheapest, and see the bunk beds where the waves of the ocean would rock you to sleep. Visit the dispensary for medicines and be sure to get your daily ration of "food" to eat. Head to the medical inspection area to check for any diseases or bugs you may have picked up on the ship before you disembark in the United States! Girls will also have the chance to tour the museum and the historic ships from the 1890s, the cruiser Olympia, and the submarine Becuna. *Includes admission to the museum and Playing the Past Badge.

Date:April 5, 2014
Program Level:
Location:Independence Seaport Museum 211 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia
Fee:$10 per person
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