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Real Girls Do STEM

Join the Alvernia University Science Association for a day full of fun! Do you love the planet you live on? Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference? Join us as we take an adventure to learn about water and energy! We will be exploring the wonders of water and how you can protect the water around you! Learn how you can make the most of your own energy and protect Earth's energy! Activities will include taking a nature walk to observe animals in their natural habitats, making beads from recycled paper, testing water in Angelica Creek Park, and developing a plan to take action to save water. Completes activities from the Wonders of Water and Get Moving! Journeys. *Includes lunch and Event Patch.

Date:March 22, 2014
Program Level:
Location:Alvernia University 400 Saint Bernardine Street, Reading
Fee:$11 per girl, $7 per adult
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