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Real Girls Do Art

Discover how leaders with a creative vision can use art to change the world-and how art can help girls advocate for social change! Gather with sister Girl Scouts at the PAFA for a leadership conference about inspiration, artistic expression, and making a social impact through art. Learn how art has helped empower women throughout history, and how Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program revitalized poor neighborhoods. Prepare to get your hands dirty through art projects. Hear inspiring stories from community leaders and artists, and express your dreams about issues that matter to you. Imagine new ways to use art as a powerful tool to create positive change for girls and women at home and abroad. Workshops will relate to the "It's Your World-Change It" Journey. An adult workshop track and lounge will be available for registrants to support creativity in girls and to help develop the next generaion of women leaders. Housed in an elegant Historic Landmark building, PAFA was one of the first institutions to educate and exhibit female artists. Bring a bag lunch.

Includes Event Patch.

Date:December 7, 2013
Program Level:Cadette
Location:Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 128 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia
Fee:$15 per girl; $10 per adult
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