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Brownies Bug Out!

Come to camp and learn all about the friendly creatures helping the ecosystem in a big way-bugs! Use your senses to learn about the world outside as you explore bug homes and habitats, complete a buggy craft, and search for the smallest beetles, centipedes, and more you can find with a magnifying glass. You'll go home feeling friendly to all bugs! Girls will sleep in heated cabins. This program is open to all girls in a troop as well as individual girls. Individual girls must be accompanied by an adult. All adults must have a satisfactory background check to participate in the program.

Accommodation, food, & Bugs Badge included.

Date:November 2, 2013
Time:Saturday November 2 10am-Sunday November 3 11am
Program Level:Brownie
Location:Camp Laughing Waters, Gilbertsville
Fee:$35 per person
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