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Sense of the Wild

Who has a better sense of smell-you or a raccoon? How does your eyesight compare to a bat's? Would you find an acorn as tasty as a squirrel does? Find out the answers to these and many more fascinating questions as you become a kid expert on wild animals who live in our forests and fields. Meet animals, go on a scavenger hunt, and learn how creatures use their senses as you play guessing games about touch, taste, and smell. Aark is a haven for injured and orphaned birds and mammals that is run by a mother-daughter team who are leaders in wildlife rehabilitation. If not attending with a troop, a girl must be accompanied by an adult. Bring something to sit on since activities are outdoors.

Includes Senses Badge.

Date:October 26, 2013
Program Level:Brownie
Location:Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center 1531 Upper Stump Road, Chalfont
Fee:$11 per girl
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