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Sundae Sunday

Use your leadership skills to plan and run a weekend program for younger girls. At this planning session, you'll sign up to paint faces, act as tour guide or supervise refreshments or pumpkin decorating. Best of all, you can use your theatrical talent to plan a skit to entertain younger girls as they visit four shelter sites at night. Fee includes sundae bar and beverage for this planning meeting as well as pizza, hot chocolate and soft pretzels on the night of the event (Friday October 19 and Saturday October 20). Special Edition participation patch provided to all.

Date:October 7, 2012
Time:3:00-4:30 PM
Program Level:Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors
Location:Smith Lodge at Shelly Ridge, 330 Manor Road, Miquon, PA 19444
Fee:$9 per girl, $5 per adult
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