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Real Girls Social Impact Conference

This is a girl-only event! Spend the afternoon with girls from across Eastern Pennsylvania as you become inspired to take action and make change in the world.

Cadettes: Tune out for an afternoon to think about the media you consume and examine the messages about girls and women being shared.  Discover how you can take action and take back control of the image of girls and women in the media.  Make some noise and experience peaceful silence while thinking about how clearing the air can make an impact. 

Seniors: Become your best self as you explore how female bodies are portrayed in the media.  You’ll discover how the media can influence the way you see yourself and gain the tools to create a positive impact.  Sow the seeds of change in healthy, sustainable living and understand how what you eat can help change the world.

Ambassadors: Dream big, and achieve bigger!  Hear from other young women who turned their dreams into reality and share your dreams to make an impact.  Analyze your own carbon footprint and brainstorm ways to reduce it.   Discover ways to take care of the planet and speak out for environmental justice to make the world a better place.   

Workshops are themed around the It’s Your Planet—Love it! and It’s Your Story—Tell It! Journeys.  An Event Patch is included.  Space will be available for an adult lounge.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email girlprogram@gsep.org.  

Date:March 15, 2014
Program Level:
Location:Chestnut Hill College 9601 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia
Fee:$15 per girl
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