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Real Girls Social Impact Conference

This is a girl-only event! Spend the morning with girls from across Eastern Pennsylvania as you become inspired to take action and make change in the world.

Daisies: Make your own petal power car as you discover how to protect natural resources.  Connect with others as you take the stage and role-play ways to resolve conflict and explore your own feelings. Create an animal flip book and learn how you can stay safe while taking action to care for animals.

Brownies:  Explore the wonders of water and think about the use of water around the world. You’ll create passports to take on your journey to the country of Jordan where you’ll explore how you can help girls in other parts of the world. 

Juniors: Become energized and use that energy to create your own bracelets from recycled paper beads. Discover how energy is used in your everyday life and create an Energy Pledge you can take action on. Put your critical thinking and design skills to the test as you examine products in your everyday life. Create your own product prototype that could help make the world a better place.

Workshops are themed around the It’s Your Planet—Love it! and It’s Your Story—Tell It! Journeys.  An Event Patch is included.  Space will be available for an adult lounge.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email girlprogram@gsep.org.

Date:March 15, 2014
Program Level:
Location:Chestnut Hill College 9601 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia
Fee:$15 per girl
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